Your Location Determines Your Allocation

Your Allocation refers to your gifts for existence. The positions where you find yourself manifesting them is your location.

Man is a product of his environment. This implies that how a man thinks, acts or even reacts is a functional factor of his mind formation by the influence of his environment.

You need to note that your location does not only refer to a physical location. It includes your mental, relationship, political, financial, social, economic, and spiritual position. The impact of the afore-mentioned spaces greatly determines what a man possesses in life. Understanding this could give you proper guidance on how you should live from day to day.

Your Allocation

Your Allocation refers to your God-given gifts, your ability to achieve so much with so little in Grace. This allocation continuously struggles with its manifestation because of the interactions between the elements of your Location as mentioned above.

Purpose discovery is key to having a sense of direction in life’s achievement. Thus you may need a change of location for the realisation of that allocation. You may be required to leave your Egypt for the promised Land, like the Israelites; Haran for Canaan, like Abraham; and home for Egypt, like Joseph.

The transitions you make during the manifestation of your Allocation may go from spiritual to physical, then to mental, financial, political, and would even involve your relationships. This tests the capacity of what you have received from God for effectiveness. There is a drop of greatness in every man. Don’t doubt it. Find the location for your allocation and let your glory shine forth!

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