Winning By Lifting Others

David Ricardo, an English scholar and writer is reputed to have popularized the economic theory of Comparative Advantage. This theory postulates that different countries and economies are endowed with diversity of skills and resources, therefore as countries complement each other, a balance of trade is achieved.

This understanding is further buttressed by nature itself. Every living system is sustained by the cooperation and harmony of its parts (cells, organs tissues etc). Therefore, it is important to note that one of the key ingredients for winning is working towards the success of others.


Understanding The Concept of Lifting Others

In many political and professional circles, individuals are quick to seek advantage over a colleague or seeming competitor with the assumption that the depletion of the next person would result in their advantage. Many individuals go all the way to malign, defame, and set up systems to pull down the other. The irony however is that the more an individual helps and surrounds himself with successful people the better his chance of rising to the top at his career, profession, ministry or trade.

A classic example of this understanding is captured in Proverbs where the Bible talks about the ants. Amongst many lesson to derive from these creatures, it is important to note that their cooperation and harmony towards achieving  a common goal is worthy of note.

To Make Our World Better By Lifting Others Here Are A Few Things To Do:
  1. Be excited and support the growth of others.
  2. For those in influential conditions – share work opportunities with those of the household of faith who qualify.
  3. Be happy to provide information or resources for the growth of others where necessary.
  4. Do not see the success of others as a threat to yours. Yours is on the way.

As we set out for the new week. It is important to understand that the laws of God and nature are favourably disposed to those who support the growth and success of others rather than fight to see their downfall.

As the law of Comparative Advantage suggests – the Sky is large enough for everyone everyone to succeed.

Go out there and do something to lift someone today!

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