Bola walked into the conference room looking every bit the new manager she is purported to be. Charismatic would not be enough to define her, perhaps one would be willing to use dignified or even majestic to describe her.

When Bola got the role of assistant to the marketing manager a few months back, everyone was surprised that someone like her would be chosen to be the second in command in one of the most technical areas of the organisation, but no one could argue that she has indeed been preparing herself for that role by her posture and the way she dressed. Suffice to say, she exuded confidence just by looking at her.

Posture is every bit as important as trying to look good on a normal day. It represents who we are as a person and even goes a long way in determining the way we will be addressed as an individual. Apart from this, it also reduces your pain levels.

So, what is posture?

Posture means positioning, which refers to how one position his or her body when standing, sitting or lying down. So many of us have heard one time or another about how a posture is good or bad.

Recognising a poor posture is a skill that comes easily to many of us but most of us don’t even know while we are correcting others we are also a victim of what we preach.

What is a poor posture?

This means when our spine is not neutrally aligned. In this assumed position, the curves of the spine are emphasised leading to stress on the joints, muscles and ligaments.

Poor posture has been known to cause breathing problems, back pain (a common complaint), headaches.

You can term a posture a poor posture when you see a person slouching, having a ( flat back, forward head posture).

What is a good posture?

A good posture means when the spine is neutrally aligned. This position helps you balance your weight centrally.
Cleveland Clinic defined good posture as the position in which one holds his or her body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or lying down.

Why change your posture?

It is important to identify that position in which your spine is in alignment and keep that posture. Changing your posture is not only a necessity but a MUST.

● Relieves Pain: Good posture relieves strain on your body which helps your nerves to function optimally.

● Boosts Confidence: Remember Bola, how she exuded confidence by just her posture. There were times Bola was scared of what other thought of her but despite that she assumed a posture that spoke of being comfortable in one skin. As you go for that interview or prepare to give that presentation, assume a great posture and crush that task.

● Improves Breathing: Good posture allows the lung to expand and promote deep breathing.

● Strengthens Muscles and Ligaments.

Lastly, remember when Jesus was twelve years old and taught the Pharisees and doctors in the temple about the Word Of God he exuded a posture that showed not only was he sure of what he was saying but he was confident in it.

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