Why Must I Have a Business?

The idea of starting and running a successful business sounds intriguing for many even as the need to have one increases continually.


For many, they would rather make do with what they have than venture into a world of unknown risk. Though there are few who perceive it’s a call to honour.



Crisis periods such as this afford individuals and professionals relative opportunities to rethink how to meet their needs as with many others. This thereby positions one to go into business of providing such services or products for a profit, as it may deem fit.


Statistics reveals that new breed of millionaires emerge from crisis than from crisis-free days. A classical example will be ZOOM whose capital assets has exceeded the top seven airline companies combined just under a period of five months.


Whether you own a business or you are at the verge of flagging off one, one may consider any or all of these reasons in asking “Why must I have a business?”

You may find the answers below interesting.


This is a noble reason for many to start their own businesses. This allows one to truly live one’s dreams of self-expression of talents, gifts and skills while earning upwards. It is revealed that one leads a healthier, happier life when one finds a way to engage in the business of his passion.

More so, every one has a passion that can be converted into a productive business.

Find it. Fund it.

▪️FREEDOM TO BYOB (Be Your Own Boss)

It is agreeable that every professional looks forward to leading a successful business of their own. It is believed this affords time to commit to one’s true passion, freedom and flexibility of lifestyle especially in the long run.

In today’s dynamic work environment, many are seeing the prospect of leaving their corporate work commitment for a more flexible one which allows them spend time with those whom they love and care about.

Also, many are choosing to combine their 9-5 job with a alternative business that pays until they can stand alone.

Such decisions appeal to those who love to act without a third party ordering or lending a voice.


Whenever the demand for a service or product exceeds its supply, opportunity beckons to have a business – temporarily or for the long haul. This is more evident in crisis situations than on normal days.

As professionals, we must learn why, when and how to Find A Need And Fill It (FANAFI).

There is unarguably a short supply of services with respect to demand today, especially with global technological advancements. As such, one can from the comfort of one’s home or office connect to end users through an affiliate network.

▪️DESIRE TO LIVE M.A.D (Making A Difference)

Every young professional deeply desires to make a difference in the world, even though there may be no immediate clarity on how to execute it.

Owning a business provides the opportunity to express oneself creatively. As such, innovations are imbued in the work process when one does it to achieve in full a desired outcome from the delivery of a product or service.


There is a constant desire for more of it without a decline. Most likely, every professional seeks possible, legitimate ways to earn more and live a good life, for themselves and family members.

Having a part-time business while on their job affords one the opportunity to determine an expected cash flow based on one’s committed effort. When such becomes lucrative, it will almost win over that which pay less.

Whether it is to make money, live a freer life, gain satisfaction along a line of passion, or to serve value to others, knowing your WHY to having a business is important and critical to the success of a professional.


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