Why am I Here?


This is no ordinary question. It is a pity not everyone dares to think about it, let alone answer the question. This is worrisome.

Why I said so? You will soon get to find out.


This is a journey I didn’t get to decide, a destination I have to figure out. Is it about the time and date? Or the place? And with whom? Is it about what to do and how to do it?

I bet you have already figured out that this is no ordinary question. It may sound like a simple one but it has many wonderful branches and answer it may be complicated.

Yeah, wonderful I said it is, because at least this time I have a choice over how to describe my thought of anything. It gives me a sense of who I am: an image of God.

If I know who I am then I am close to knowing why I am here. It begins to unfold but with questions. The understanding of the question leads the way on this journey.


“Why am I here?” This is a question of purpose. The reason for our existence defines the way we live.

I am a human, created in God’s image. This is why I can’t live for myself. This is the reason I was never part of the decision in the beginning. It was never about me. It’s becoming clearer.

Now I know for sure that I am not a mistake. It has always been about Him. To then fully understand my “reason for being”, I need dig for the understanding of His nature and desires.

I thought that figuring it out to this point will make it easier. It was just getting started. Now I know I must be confident, bold, strong, and tough. This knowledge did not come easy but with hardship, the pain of loss, and all these must relate in love, patience, long-suffering, among others.


It is now crystal clear that the instruction to dominate was not just for me as He revealed, giving all and asking for little in return. I am here to acquire all and use it all for His purpose (fulfilment). I am here as a solution to the problems that mankind will face. I am here for you. Indeed, we are here for one another. In this, God is glorified.

God’s gift to man is man himself, to bless his fellow men. Even Christ came in the form of a man (Philippians 2:7). Now that you know why you are here on earth, what will you do about it?



— Adeniyi Macarthy. 

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