When God comes Late, He Comes BIG

This is an article that demonstrates the result of waiting on God for His very best for our lives.

Kemi is a young beautiful lady. She is curvy and a brunette. Her bright eyes can illuminate a dark room. Her smiles can melt the broken heart. Dedicated to purposeful living, she is also passionate about young girls and teenagers. She often organized seminars and time out initiatives for girls struggling to get a meaning out of life. Her impact is resonated in her community.

“What’s this noise all about?” she asked. She heard a click-clacking sound at her doorstep. Knock! Knock!! She opened her door and saw two young girls with a red velvet cake in their hands, a bottle of wine and a greeting card.

“Aunty, thank you for your strong words of encouragement. I am glad you came through for me during the crisis I experienced in my academics.”

Tears raced down her cheeks as those girls showed their appreciation for her contribution in her life. She bid them “goodbye” as she prepared for the day’s job.

Keeping Hope Alive

Her thirty-third birthday was on the 24th of April, 2016. With mixed feelings about her marital life and her current financial challenge, she picked up her brown bag with a blue pen and a black diary. Her plans included spending her birthday at a quiet retreat centre. She didn’t want another birthday surprise to meet her in the house.

As she walked down her street, she couldn’t withstand the terrible gossips around her.

“Aunty no get husband now. Eh eh, we no know whether na all these politicians dey carry her…”

“All dis SU no reach that kind thing o;…” Bose and Tola colloqualized. Her legs moved faster than her pace.

She arrived at Camp Bethel and paid for a room. She entered Room 32, a blue painted room. The bed was well laid with a white bed sheet. She broke down in tears as she stretched her hands on the bed and knelt down to pray. She said her prayers silently.

“It’s a new year and a new day,” she muttered. “Lord, satisfy me early with your mercy. Perfect all that concerns me and give me as much happiness as the sadness You gave me during my years of misery.” “Grant me direction and strength to carry through my years in life.” “Take away my reproach and my shame.”

Having prayed for an hour, she sat down on the chair for a deep meditation. As she searched the Scriptures, “Psalms 84:11” became a text to dwell on. She wrote in her diary, “A year of grace and glory”. “Your word is enough for me.” “I have no other anchor.” Joy bubbled in her heart as a sense of vision and direction overwhelmed her again. Those words were engraved in her heart and this she carried through the year.

A Summit…and a Proposal

Summit for young people


She attended the Global Leadership Summit for Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs at the Goodwill Hotel. Dressed in a purple gown and a pair of high-heeled shoes to match, she walked majestically into the hall and took a seat close to the front row.

The panelists talked about “Maximizing Profit for Sustainable Development.” The sessions were very interactive. There was time to network with other people in the meeting.

Smith was a Canadian who was one of the panelists. He was amazed at the brilliant questions that had Kemi raised during the Q&A session. He saw in her an inquisitive young lady whose passion was second to none. They exchanged complimentary cards and the conversation began from there.

Six months later, Smith proposed to Kemi. She couldn’t believe her ears as it had happened so fast within six months of friendship. She had an inner knowing that they were meant for each other.

Their wedding party was exhilarating. Dignitaries, CEOs of companies and other high ranking officials graced the occasion. God came through for her. It seemed late but it ended in a grand style.

Frustration, hardship, pain, and discouragement are strong reasons to give up on the promises of God but Kemi’s faith remained strong, despite the obstacles on her way. She and Smith travelled back to Canada to continue the Zik Telecommunications company owned by her husband. She has been enjoying a blossoming marriage ever since.

God is still interested in your case


Dear friends, are you in a situation where you’ve been trusting God for such a long time that it appears He has forgotten about you? Never lose hope. God is still very interested in your case. He promised: So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. (Isaiah 55:11 KJV).

Stay in faith. Life is indeed beautiful when we trust God till the end.

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