A dangerous zone to be in is one of complacency. Being in this zone creates a sense of satisfaction wherever we are and prevents us from stretching ourselves to try harder. In this state, change is resisted, innovation and creativity are like scarce commodities. Many of us have found ourselves on this web unconsciously where we tend to function only with ease and familiarity.


Move out of that complacency trap

A simple way to avoid falling into this complacency trap is to train yourself to try new things. Choose change. Challenge your fears. Embrace new perspectives. Get new goals. New goals can make us feel a little uncomfortable but spur us more.


My Personal Experience

I have been in this zone before. As a young professional, I used to be wary of communications and presentations, primarily because I was an introvert who considered myself to be naturally shy. However, there arose a situation where my team needed someone to represent and present a week-long project. Everyone evaded the task. I thought about it and embraced the challenge. It was not going to be an easy one. On that particular day, I was plagued by anxiety attacks – my audience consisted of at least a hundred people. I did it, anyway. And the presentation was reckoned to be one of the best.

What I said to myself, I say unto you also, try it. Stretch yourself! Try something new!


How can you deal with this?

Develop the “I CAN” attitude. This attitude is a potent force for scaling through seemingly difficult situations. A cliché says, “if you think you can, you can, but if you think you cannot, you just cannot”. The “I CAN” mentality becomes your driving force in trying, and once you’ve tried, the rest is history. It is the mentality that brings out the innate ability to do that thing in you.

Trying new things helps you discover your most important potentials. You would never have known you could do it if you would not try. Your capability will remain obscure, latent, hidden from the world, hidden from you, if you fail to try.


Don’t give fear a chance

However, fear might refrain you. Fear of being a failure. Fear of letting a whole group down. Fear of mistakes attached to your work and name. Fear of the unknown. However, you should know this, fear is surmountable. Shake yourself off it whenever it grips you. Remember God’s grace is always sufficient. Rebuke fear, embrace grace, and try. Your bold trial tramples upon the fear demon.

Anxiety might also have the guts to confront you. Anxiety is this awkward condition where your heart is pounding so hard as if it’ll divorce your body soon, and your hands and legs experience uncoordinated kinetics and every part of your body becomes febrile suddenly. Never mind. Resist it and it will flee from you.

Get back on track

Perhaps, there are many other things keeping you away from those plans you intend to work on this year.

First, identify what is keeping you back. List your fears and be determined to confront them.

Secondly, envisage the profit and the crown you would receive if you were to take that bold step. Measure the loss too, that is, the risk involved.

Here comes the little jolt you need today.

Try! Do it.

Try again, do it again.

You will conquer the grounds, surely!


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