Too Much Noise for Your Business?


Facebook is a household name globally. Besides its popularity, it is also a platform many businesses and individuals use to advertise their product and services.


With this level of popularity, do think the company needs to also advertise its services? If you say NO, then you are wrong. In 2021, Facebook (now Meta) spent 2.9 Billion USD on advertising its own services. Imagine an advertising platform advertising its own services.

Coca Cola is another global brand. Should a hugely popular company as Coca Cola still advertise itself? You don’t need to answer that. They spent an average of 4 billion USD in the last four years on shouting about their products.

There is one major mistake businesses make that must be avoided if sales must be made well and all-round the year. It is to avoid the thought that your business has been known enough and that any further marketing or advertisement is a noise too much for the business.

It is often said that money is spent to make money. That’s exactly how marketing and advert is. The truth again is that you cannot make too much noise when it comes to your brand.

Try these two suggestions.

1. Seek cheap but effective ads
Instead of not advertising at all, seek to explore cheaper alternatives such as word of mouth, live videos, etc. These help to keep you in the face of your potential buyers.

2. Be Innovative with your ads

Don’t stick to old, traditional means of advertising only. Instead, seek innovative ways of advertising to pique your buyers’ interest. Innovation will make same ad concept come out new.

In summary, you cannot make too much noise for your business. In fact, you constantly have to make your buyers know you are around too!


What other ways do you think you can do cheap but effective ads?


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