The Untold Story of the YPF Skill Acquisition Program

This piece highlights the success stories of the YPF Skill Acquisition Program.

“After my NYSC, I was working as a graduate trainee for a digital marketing agency when I heard of the Young Professionals Forum Skill Acquisition Program. I enrolled for the Web Development class and attended every day of the training. It was mind-blowing, seeing how in-depth the training was. It’s not often you see such a free training.

“After the program, I began to understand so many codes and was keen to put what I had learnt to use. I developed myself in this learned skill and went into web design and development as a job.

“I was employed as a development associate in Edubridge Consultants and currently manage the design and operations of their e-commerce website.

“The YPF SAP poured fuel on a smouldering log!”
— Odurinde Adebayo Chike (Web Development and Design, SAP 2.0)


“I gained a lot as it has helped me improve on my knowledge about graphics design. As a result of this, I was able to design my company’s profile singlehandedly.

“The insights shared at the daily devotions and the seminar classes we had, have also helped me personally and in my business.”
— Samuel Philip Okoh (Graphics Design and Branding, SAP 2.0)


“It was an amazing experience, totally educating. People who had no idea of what web designing was all about were brought up to speed as to the fundamentals of designing. Someone who has the interest in designing and doesn’t know (anything) can actually go for the class, confident that he or she would have the tools to do bigger things thereafter. You would be better off than someone who learnt from the roadside. This is because you’re learning from people who have learnt from their mistakes over time, and carved out the yardstick to build a career as a good web designer.

“I also got to understand that branding takes a lot of things into cognizance.”
— Chinyere Okeke (Graphics Design and Branding, SAP 3.0)


“It was very wonderful. I learnt so much that I did not even know before. I really enjoyed it. I’ve been using it to do a lot of business and it has been helping me financially. I’ve been enjoying it.”

— Zeal Chijioke Ndubuisi (Pastry and Mixology, YPF SAP 2.0)


“I learnt a lot. The web development class was really nice, thanks to (our facilitator) because he started from the basics of everything – in HTML, CSS, and even JAVASCRIPT which some teachers would not delve into. Presently I’m building up my skills in programming and the foundation is web development, thanks to YPF SAP 2.0.”
— Isaac Ugwu (Web Development and Design, SAP 2.0)

Graphics Design and Branding Training Session
Graphics Design and Branding Training Session, SAP 3.0

“I gained in the aspect of putting up wallpapers in a home.”

— Chidinma Okeke (Interior Design, SAP 2.0)


“It was nice and impactful. I had many benefits from the SAP. Firstly, the skill acquisition. Secondly, the periodic sessions where people who are already established in their various fields came to motivate us. And the thirdly, the fact that we had to network with other trainees and the trainers. Basically, it was impactful.”

— Oluwadaisi Olaseinde (Digital and Graphics Design, SAP 2.0)

These are some of the success stories of a few participants of previous editions of the Skills Acquisition Program of the Young Professionals Forum (YPF SAP). The YPF SAP is indeed here to stay. It was born out of a desire to minimize the unemployment rate amongst university graduates and other young adults in Nigeria and, over time, in Africa. This is achieved by providing hands-on trainings to equip them with relevant skills that would enable them to become self-reliant, self-employed and eventually employers of labour in the long run.


The YPF SAP is a week-long training program comprising various daytime training sessions, including:

▪️Digital Marketing

▪️Event Planning

▪️Graphics Design & Branding

▪️Mobile App Development

▪️Mobile Phone & Laptop Repair

▪️Pastry & Mixology


▪️Video Editing

▪️Web development

▪️Urban and Hydroponics

Pastry and Mixology Class, SAP 3.0

There have been three (3) editions of the YPF SAP since its inception on June 4th 2018.

????YPF SAP 1.0 – which held for 5 days (Monday June 4th to Friday June 8th 2018) with 700 registrants, 365 accredited participants, 10 skills trained and 10 facilitators;

????YPF SAP 2.0 – which held for 6 days (Monday September 10th to Saturday September 15th 2018) with 1,500 registrants, 602 accredited participants, 11 skills trained and 17 facilitators; and

????YPF SAP 3.0 – which held for 5 days (Tuesday April 23rd to Saturday April 27th 2019) with 1,704 registrants, 901 accredited participants, 11 skills trained and 15 facilitators.


The venue of each training session has been the headquarters of the Deeper Life Bible Church in Gbagada, Lagos State, Nigeria. Registrants have comprised young adults from various states in Nigeria and a few others from some African countries, including Ghana.

So far, the SAPs 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 have helped the YPF to achieve her major goals of equipping young adults with relevant skills whilst redirecting their focus to God. The 4th edition of the YPF SAP begins on the 2nd of September 2019 and we strongly believe that, with God’s help, we shall have a wider reach, a longer-lasting impact and generate more productive young adults for a better world.

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