The Seasons of Life

Papa John is now in his late 60s. The wrinkles on his face point to the fact that life has dealt with him, with the possibility that hardship has been his close companion.

His youthful days were filled with extreme juvenile delinquencies and youthful exuberance. In his campus days, he was a part of a notorious gang who abused teachers, disrupted classes, bullied students, ignored classes and engaged in malpractice.

One fateful day, he got involved in a rape incident, where his gang raped some female students. The incident, resulted to his expulsion from the school.

He later became a street urchin, involved in hard drugs and other vices. He finally landed in prison.

He was however granted pardon and released on the event of a national Independence Day celebration. Thereafter he had a deep reflection about how he’d spent the early seasons of his life. He regretted all his actions, wondering if he could turn back the hands of time.

Life is in Seasons

The above story illustrates the importance of seasons in one’s life. He lost the most important season of his life that should have been effectively utilized to laying a solid foundation for a successful and impactful life.

A lot of people have lost opportunities and become wretched because they fail to utilize the seasons of their lives early enough.

Life is in phases. You see a little child today and after a couple of years, that same child all grown up.

Different seasons are a function of time. Even nature has seasons.

The wisest king who ever lived once said, “There is a time to be born, a time to die, a time to Sow and a time to reap, a time to live and a time to die, a time to cry and a time to make merry…” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-4)

To key into ultimate success, we need to understand the season in which we are.

Footballers and soccer players generally cannot start their careers at an older age. They key into the earlier seasons of their lives. In saner climes, most soccer stars started training at a very tender age so as to have a fulfilling career.

Time lost cannot be regained.

Dear friends, instead of wasting precious time every day or engaging in frivolities, you need to be deliberate about making every season of your life count.

No matter the time you have lost engaging in unprofitable activities, it is not too late to make a U-turn to your original purpose and begin your journey to a life of fulfillment!

You can begin again!

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