The Road to Stardom

The Road to Stardom

 The road to Stardom is rough, thorny and not a bed of roses. It is a road filled with the hurdles, situations and circumstances of life.

Men of steel who have risen from the dungeon of obscurity to the limelight of fame and stardom have had to go through the thorny path without giving up.

Gold can never be that fine if it doesn’t go through the hot refining process.

Abraham Lincoln’s Failure and Successes

Abraham Lincoln who was born on February 12, 1809, travelled the rough and dusty path of success to emerge a successful man in the USA. It was a lonely walk for him as he travelled through the thorny road of success.

In 1832, he lost his job and was defeated for the state legislature.

1833, he failed in business.

1835, his sweetheart died

In 1836, he had a nervous breakdown.

1838, he defeated for the position of a Speaker.

1843, he was defeated for nomination for Congress.

In 1848, he lost his renomination.

1854, he was defeated for U.S. Senate.

1856, he was defeated for nomination for Vice President.

1858, he was defeated again for U.S. Senate.

Dear friends, this was a long and discouraging route to success, but he endured hardship and believed that failure was part of life. He knew that the route to success is always filled with thorns and violent storms.

Even with all these failures, he still went ahead to achieve his dreams and vision, and eventually emerged as the President of the United States in 1860.

Nothing significant can be achieved without going through the rigorous, thorny and dirty paths of success.

Listen to the stories of top stars, successful business moguls, leaders in all facets of life, you will notice that they all travelled through the same rough paths.

Some of them failed countless times, while some of them were maltreated, called names, suffered rejections, despised, struggled, and dined with lack and abject poverty.

 Don’t be discouraged

Dear friends, don’t be discouraged when you find yourself on this thorny path to attaining excellence.

Don’t engage in a pity party, but rather man up to pass through this path with courage and the resolve that God will see you through to get to that level of stardom.

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