The Power of Personal Branding


Have you ever wondered if personal branding is a myth? What if we suddenly woke up to the news that this concept does not even exist?


Well, it is interesting to note that this does exists and it is simply put as a representation of your true authentic self.


Personal branding is the perception you create in the minds of other people based on your experiences in life and business and your skills and expertise as well.



It is highly imperative that you have a personal brand as this would not only help you establish a unique sense of identity but it will also build your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of people.


With personal branding, you can unlock the key to who you really are, build a reputation about what you would like to be known for and people would respond to and respect you for it.



Let’s take a look at some elements of Personal Branding:

1. Authenticity

2. Values

3. Consistency

4. Expertise

5. Content creation




It is easier to live out your own script than trying to live someone else’s. If you are authentic both online and offline, your brand becomes relatable and worthy of influence.


Many a time, we have heard stories of people who have physically met with their favourite stars or celebrities offline and were shocked with the response they received.


Maintain a consistent character and be genuine, don’t be all happy and cheerful online and in person, you are the exact opposite. You would become unapproachable.



What do you stand for? What are your core values that would make people get attracted to you and vouch for you without flinching when things go wrong?


Having values is not old-fashioned as some people may think rather it commands respect and attention for you as a person.



This element focuses on your ability to show up consistently.


Disorganization is not typical of a good personal brand neither is a one leg in, one leg out social media presence.


Consistency also applies to uniformity across your social media channels in terms of features such as logo, communication style, voice, colours, names and a few others.



This focuses on carving a niche for yourself and becoming an authority in that niche such that when people think of or talk about the niche, you are one of the firsts, if not the first to come to mind.


If you have the skills, expertise, then you can effectively channel your energy into sharing knowledge, views and opinions about what you know. Don’t be silent.




There’s a certain level of quality that comes with content created by effective personal brands.


It is a means of expression that shows skills, well-articulated thoughts, the ability to transfer knowledge, staying abreast of current happenings and just being in the present.


Through their content, personal brands can give a voice to the voiceless and influence change on a larger scale.


What power lies in personal branding or what benefits can be derived from personal branding?


• You have a higher perceived value and sense of worth in the minds of people.


• You are the go-to person when advice or consultations need to be made.


• It stands you out as an authority in your field or industry.


• You command attention, recognition and respect.


• Opportunities are available to you.


• You connect easily with high net worth individuals.

You are your true authentic self all day, all time. No need to change to suit or please the crowd.


In conclusion, personal branding is dynamic, ever-evolving. It is easy to lose relevance if you make no effort at growing and becoming better with each day so be consistent with learning and aspiring for greater heights.


How seriously have you taken personal branding and what effect has it had on your business?


Please, share with us.

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