The Power of Flushing Out

Recently, I had the opportunity to eat all kinds of delicacies that I haven’t eaten for a long time. Although, I enjoyed the variety of meals, my digestive system wasn’t pleased with all the combination of meals sent to it.

In swift reaction, my intestines became disorganized and uneasy, forcing me to use the restroom several times, so as to calm my body system from the raging storm.

But I noticed after each restroom visit, I felt at ease, a sense of satisfaction.

In life, we cannot make significant headway or hit the success mark if we fail to flush out those things impeding our greatness.

From Grace to Grass

John, a seasoned professional, worked in an oil and gas firm as an engineer and for about 10 years as a director.

He was one who worked assiduously over the years to get to that level. Giving his all, he was committed, dedicated, and exceptional.

He won the employee-of-the-year award five times consecutively because of his exceptional commitment to the company’s growth and his achievement of organizational goals. Other staff members envied him. He was indeed a force to be reckoned with in the organization.

One fateful day, some of his colleagues planned to set him up. They forged documents that highlighted his misappropriation of funds specified for a project, and presented to them to the management. These documents became overwhelming evidence that eventually brought his career in that organization to an abrupt end.

Filled with Hurt

By default as a human being, he was bitter, angry and frustrated. He wondered how a company which he had served through thick and thin would just terminate his appointment without hearing his side of the story.

As the years rolled by, John moved on, accepting his fate. Realizing that bitterness, hurt and anger had built up in his heart, he resolved to flush it all out. He prayed and sought God’s face, even praying for those who had ganged up against him, like the Biblical Job.

This made him free, light and happy again about life.

The Result of Flushing Out

However, not too long after this Flushing Out exercise, he landed a better job with remuneration several times better than his previous place of work.

Hmmmm, there’s power in flushing out!

Dear friends, have you been hurt, used and manhandled, lied against, rejected, despised by people who you least expected? It’s time to flush out all this things for you to have an headway in life. Life can’t be so easy if you don’t flush those things impeding your success and breakthrough.

It’s time to flush out:

▪️Anger and hurt



▪️Purposelessness and lack of direction




▪️Emotional recklessness

▪️Laziness etc .


Dear friends, Flush out and make Progress!

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