The Power of Calculated Silence

It is better to be quiet in calculated silence when faced with the vicissitudes of life. Negative comments do more harm than good.


This world is filled with turbulence, hustle and bustle, pain, increased poverty and situations beyond one’s control. However, in these situations, it is normal for one to get frustrated and become cranky, or even utter words filled with confusion, frustration and discouragement.

A lot of people even speak negative words that could adversely affect their lives, family and future. They allow the prevalent situation control their words and their reaction towards life generally.

Please understand that there’s power in calculated silence.

You need to be silent in the face of your present circumstances and more vocal in talking to God.

Your anger and frustration-filled comments will do no good but harm.

Please, learn to be quiet 🤫 in the face of daunting issues, spend time talking to your Creator, not forgetting to take calculated actions to change whatever situations confronting you.

You will prevail!

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