The Orange Seed Analogy

By Olaoluwa Olajide

This is an excerpt from a subject explained by the Key Note speaker of the YPF Mega Summit 2019 (GAINING THE EDGE), Mr. Abiodun Famuyiwa, under the sub-title Discovery of Potentials (otherwise called ‘Internal Raw Materials’ — which refers to an inherent gift which enables you to achieve your purpose).

The orange fruit is characterized by not just one seed, but multiple seeds. Basically, if all things are equal, the seeds are potential trees. For instance, if an orange contains 15 seeds, it holds the potential for 15 trees. These 15 trees will produce fruits with their own seeds. The trend goes on and on. It simply means that one orange has a great potential of generations of seeds and trees.

In the same vein, you are endowed with a lot of raw materials that can make you live an exceptional life. Your potential is a rider to your purpose. It is what is inherent in you, what you do effortlessly, 1without stress. It is the thing you do passionately and joyfully even when you are not being paid.

However, your potential is a raw material that needs to be worked on, refined and polished. Gold cannot be gold if it does not pass through the fire. Crude oil would never yield billions of naira if it remained crude and did not undergo further processing. So look inward, discover your potentials and undertake the necessary training to effectively utilize these potentials.

It is germane to note that those superstars in all walks of life took the pain to look inward to discover their distinct potentials and also worked on them. This is why they flood the pages of the newspapers and our television screens.

Indeed, the world has gone beyond credentials. Potentials pave the way.
How to Discover Your Potentials
Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is that thing that I do effortlessly?

2. What do I do uniquely that people commend you for?

3. What is that thing that I cannot stay without doing for two days?

4. What do I enjoy doing even without being paid?

5. With what do I most easily influence people?

The only way you can get value out of your exceptional potential is to package and commercialize it. Packaging and commercializing your potentials increase their value.

For your potentials to gain sincere relevance, you must TOUCH LIVES.

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