The Eagle Mentality

To soar high in life, you need to run with the Eagle Mentality, not with a chicken mentality.

The Eagle is adjudged the KING of birds. A close study of the life an eagle would reveal a lot of incredible qualities.

Eagles are high flyers, they associate with their kind, possess exceptional eyesight to see far beyond their present level and also fearlessly audacious.

Men of steel and exceptional individuals who have made their mark in the sands of time have been individuals who possessed the Eagle Mentality.

Please understand that for you to go far in life, you cannot run with the Chicken Mentality. The chicken is never audacious, tenacious or vision-inclined.

As individuals cut out for greatness, you need vision — a mental picture of your desired future. You need to be fearlessly audacious to achieve that vision, just like the Eagle.

To achieve greatness, you also need to jettison the chicken mentality and embrace the Eagle mentality.

Dear friends, be fearlessly audacious, never believe in impossibilities.

Always remember that whatever your mind can conceive, you can achieve.

Be an Eagle! 🦅

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