The Culture of Excellence


Excellence is not just a word, beyond that, it is a Lifestyle. It is a deliberate action to focus on delivering high quality results without a taint of mediocrity whether via our products or services.

To succeed in the practice of the culture of excellence in your organisation, it first begins with you as the head.

– Have excellence as a core value.

– Don’t be afraid to dream big and aim higher.

– Settling for less or second best should not be an option.

– Learn from your mistakes and do better the next time.

– Step away from your fears.


To have a clearer and better understanding of the word, excellence, let’s take a look at some of the qualities.

High standards
Whatever you do, render as a product or offer as a service should be flawless, impeccable and of high quality.

Let your actions align with your words, there should be no room for compromise or broken promises.
If you are committed to building a culture of excellence, it should be evident in your willingness to persevere and keep going whether situations and circumstances are favourable or not.

Every one even subordinates deserve respect, therefore, as you set out to build a culture of excellence, treat everyone right.

Passion keeps the flame alive and creates a burning desire for success.

Looking to build a culture of excellence?

Here’s what you should do

Start practicing excellence in little things.

It is popularly said that “charity begins at home” and this applies to building and excellent cultures. The little faults or low standards should not slide.

– Be passionate about it.

See it as a long term goal that needs to be achieved and teach your team members on how to achieve this. If you have a strong desire and you’re really passionate about it, in no way will you accept mediocre results.

Lead with good character.

Your employees and staff need a positive influence in the journey of building influence. Do not say one thing and do another, do not compromise values, cut corners or do shady things in your product or service delivery. They are watching and would likely be influenced by you to a large extent.

Own and fix your mistakes.

Being a boss does not make you immune from mistakes and when they happen, rather than play the blame game, own it, learn from it and fix it. You would earn more respect from your employees, team members and customers as well.

Keep advancing and innovating

Building a culture of excellence is a continuous journey of self awareness and improvement. Be open to learning and practicing better ways of living a life of excellence.


In conclusion, building and practicing a culture of excellence boosts growth, sets a standard for others to follow and places your organisation in a vantage reference point. Therefore, give it all it takes, it is always worth it in the end.

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