The Courageous Entrepreneur


It is possible to think that Gaston was born an entrepreneur. This is especially when one considers the energy, dexterity and the recurring successful results that follow his input per time.


Often time, people are heard commenting, “Whatever he touches just works”.


Born with no silver spoon, nor a hope of one, his challenges as a slum kid were heightened when he lost his father at five, and his mother two years later. Living in a foster home with two other siblings, he survived by doing very menial jobs in the neighborhood.


After being involved in an accident while scraping metals for sale, he was privileged to meet a Christian doctor who led him to Christ, and strengthen his faith.


Spotting his industrial spirit and penchant for business, he was introduced to a spare parts dealer with whom he served seven years of his teen life learning the trade by day, while studying and seeking His Maker by night.


His goal, “was to be as successful as the businessman (his ‘oga’), and as influential as the doctor”.


At 19, Gaston was as experienced in business as he was dynamic in the Spirit – all with a smile he wore to cheer another.


About a decade later, he was recognised amongst Forbes Africa 30 under 30 in a summit. With a diversified portfolio in industrial imports and exports, real estate, agriculture, oil and gas, hospitality etc., Gaston had leveraged partnerships and created systems that empowered more lives than he could count, while creating a passive income wealth cycle.


When asked by a reporter “HOW DO YOU DO THIS EFFORTLESSLY?”, He responded by saying, ” It is not that I do it effortlessly, I just do it with courage.”


Gaston went on to say that “Courage is not the absence of fear, but, is holding on (to the end in view) in the midst of your fears”.


Whatever MUST be accomplished in this life needs some measure of courage to see it through.


Whether it is in idea conception, writing the vision, setting goals, casting/sharing the vision, drawing out resources for the vision, executing the vision, relaying feedback to make better the output etc, Courage is indispensable.



This is one who seeks to undertake a task or venture, with a foreknowledge of uncertainties therein, measures it, finds how and where the value outweighs the risk, draws out plan(s), and make/take informed decision on how to execute them – with no failproof guarantee, as yet, with a readiness to LEARN, UNLEARN AND RELEARN WHAT MUST to see it through.


Whether it is in the entrepreneurial journey or intrapreneurial position of the young professional in the corporate world, our courage is daily called upon to produce results that is convincing to ourselves (employers), and profitable likewise.


* Align with the power of vision: Vision is foresight, in the presence of insight, with the power of hindsight. It is true every young professional has something to accomplish. When, such can align his passion with the vision, the mission become clearer.


* Set clear goals.

The singular act of writing out in plain text our goals make it 500% achievable than when it is just conceived in the head. Placing them where we can always see them is another advantage. There is a powerful connection between the eyes and the mind. Hence, what the eyes sees the mind works the hands to seize it.


* Cast the vision.

It is said that if you must go fast, go alone. Yet, if you must go far, go together. In other words, build a team, start or join a system that leverages one another to accomplish more. One little effort from many is better felt and seen than many efforts from one.


* Run.
Ideas are only worth the money they make. Execution is the power of ideas. The greater the execution the greater the money it makes, the greater the results. Ability to execute at high levels for a longer time is what strengthen the idea.


* Believe.
They that do know their Source, shall be strong and do exploits. “I CAN” changes the narrative, “I MUST” guarantees the palliative. Nothing is worth venturing into except you believe.


* Invest! Invest! Invest!
The most courageous people are informed risk takers. They are willing and able to commit up to 50% of their earnings to investment. In your early career years and the continuity of it, the young professional MUST seek to make his passive income double his lifestyle income – ethically.

Whatever your goal or dream is, BEGIN TODAY TO DO IT, even if it means doing it afraid.

In time, and with the consistency or productivity of the outcome, fear will melt as courage rises like the phoenix from the ashes.



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