The Being Called “I”


Lola laughed. You just don’t know me. It has to be Lola first before anyone else.

Why does it always have to be “I” when it comes to you? Can’t you bend for once for others? Tito queried.

This being called “I” is full of itself,  thinks highly of itself over others without apologies.

An individual who has the “I” mentality prefers to allow itself to fulfill his portion, instead of giving others the chance.


The corruption, bad leadership, and extreme decadence prevalent in our society, especially in the developing countries, are indeed a function of the self-nature and selfish desire of humans.

Leaders who are supposed to be serving people with their intellect and time and energy are infested with the greedy nature of amassing wealth and milking the treasury dry.

We all have a tendency towards self-centeredness, however, men of steel, who have made their mark in the sands of time have been able to put “I”, aside and go beyond the ordinary to do exploits that have benefited the human race.

It is instructive to note that no individual can truly be great if he/she is selfish and self-centered. Life in itself is not wired that way. The sun does not produce brightness for itself, the moon, and stars do not emit light for their own benefit, but for humanity, that’s why they are significant to the world and all its inhabitants.

Just imagine if Christ was self-centered, will he be resolute and audacious enough to die for humanity just for our redemption? Can you just picture how the world will be without Christ’s sacrifice?


Dear reader, for you to grow professionally and in other spheres, you need to put others first. Ask yourself- “how can I be of help to someone today?” How can I put smiles on someone’s lip today? How can I solve someone’s problem today? How……?

Dear friend, go beyond the “I” and move to that level of selflessness and complete resolve to help, and be an answered prayer to people’s needs.

Go beyond your personal gains, profit, and convenience, be a shoulder to people who are emotionally down, and those experiencing the worst periods of their lives, and help cushion the effect of their pain.

Be the reason why people can have hope again. Be a pathfinder to those who are lost professionally and in other spheres of life.

Be that person!

Go beyond the “I”!


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