The 360 Degree Plan for a New Year 2020

My 360° Plan for year 2020
My 360° Plan for the Year 2020

We are about six weeks into the Year 2020. Did you make plans at the beginning of the year? If yes, was it a 360° Plan?

When one fails to plan, one definitely plans to fail, as a popular quote states. Inaction is an action in itself, but the results thereof may turn out to be unfavorable.

Plans vs Goals

The English dictionary defines a plan as a detailed proposal of doing or achieving a set goal or aim. Such goal(s) could be put in writing, diagrams, or audio-visual formats. To plan is to consciously engage in the act of achieving that goal.

A goal, on the other hand, is an idea of the future or a desired result that a person or group of people envisions, plans and commits to achieving. People endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines.

Note that there can be no feasible plan without a goal.


What is a 360-degree plan?

A 360° Plan is one that is holistic in nature and focuses on every area of life. To neglect planning for any of the areas mentioned hereafter may affect the outcome the others.


Areas to be Considered in Creating a 360-Degree Plan

For a 360 degree plan for life one must plan around one’s —

1. Health and wellness

2. Intellectual life

3. Emotional life

4. Character

5. Love life

6. Relationships

7. Parenting life

8. Social life

9. Finances

10. Quality of life

11. Career

12. Calling

13. Christlikeness

The effects of one on the other should be foremost in one’s thoughts. So, each one is as important as the others.


Characteristics of a Good Plan

A good plan must:

✔️ define objectives:

Objectives are the ultimate goals towards which all activities are directed.

✔️be simple

✔️be clear

✔️be comprehensive

✔️be flexible

✔️be economical

✔️establish standards

✔️be balanced

✔️be practicable


Benefits of Planning

Plans are essential for purposeful living.
Plans keep one in track and in the direction of one’s intended achievements. With so many distractions around, the importance of planning cannot be over emphasized.


1. Planning Puts You in a Better Position

It is not a surprise that planning would eventually lead you to better success and to achieve a better position in, for instance, the job market. This is the goal. Any of your goals can have more chances of success with proper planning.


2. Progress

Achieved goals as a result of planning would often lead to progress in life.


3. Decision-Making

Whenever you make a plan, you have a clearer idea of what you wish to achieve in a given time frame. At the same time, you are clear on what the future holds for you and what your ultimate goals are. These ultimate goals — which have been decided by planning — make your decision-making more efficient and better targeted. This is because you would know how certain decisions would affect your plan in the long term.


4. Flexibility

A plan helps to create a flexible path to goal achievement which can help one to easily adjust one’s focus and redirect strategies where necessary.


5. Evaluation and Control

Whenever you make plans, you know what results are expected. However, you need to always keep tabs on your plans so that you can refer to them and assess whether you are on track or not. For example – your plan to increase your income in the Year 2020 would inspire you to seek out multiple streams of income and set monthly targets.


6. Achieving Desired Results

Planning plays a huge role in helping an individual reach a desired goal. If the plan is implemented correctly, the results will always be a desirable one.


Guiding Pillars for Effective Planning

As a plan tends to guide the process of actions towards achieving a set goals. There are also 4 pillars for an effective planing.

1. Premise: This describe your belief system towards particular areas of life in the plan. For example, in the Intellectual area, one’s belief could be ” knowledge is power”

2. Precise vision: This is more about the goal set in that area of life. eg The goal might be ” to double knowledge bank on Economy of the nation”

3. Purpose: This takes care of the question “Why?”
It explains the reason behind your goal and defines your actions. Your reason could be to become the best analyst of the economy and proffer the best possible solutions.


4. Plan: describes the actionable — the how, where, when, who, what. It is dependent on the first three pillars for an effective plan to be drawn.

It must however be stated that a 360° plan is not one that can be drafted or followed easily but you can be sure that it guarantees a high level of success and progress in life.


Why not make plans for yourself today and ensure that it is a 360-degree plan?

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