Take Responsibility

John is a young professional who graduated from the university with the enthusiasm of a greater future. He began his job search, attending interviews but he was rejected outrightly most of the time. Some interviewers were magnanimous enough to explain to him why he would not be given the job offer — his skill gaps and lack of experience.

After two years, he was still jobless, tired and confused. Starting a pity party, he blamed everyone he could for his plight: the government for the high rate of unemployment; his parents for not sending him to a private school; companies and employers for their mean recruitment policies; and his friends for not helping him financially. He continued the blame game. The blame game did not change his situation but made it worse.

After a few months, he bumped into a friend who invited him to a seminar on employability skills. After attending the training, he realized where he had missed it and began to develop himself. He sharpened his skills for strategic positioning.

A month after this seminar, he got a job. It was then he understood that in life, one needs to take responsibility for one’s life. You need to take responsibility for whatever happens to you.

Henry Ford II said, “Never complain, never explain.” No one makes you do anything or feel anything. You are where you are because you have decided to be there.
Everything you are or will ever be is entirely up to you.

Never be involved in the blame game.

Pick yourself up and get going.

You are completely responsible.

Take responsibility! 

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