Staying Aware of HIV/AIDS and Prevention


Developing awareness about yourself and certain situations gives you various perspectives to understand what is going on. You are able to break away from assumptions and have your own opinions. You are able to handle situations and are more emotionally stable.

When you are aware of diseases, you will take steps to prevent them.

HIV is still prevalent in the world. 90% of people who are infected are in their working years, hence it is even more crucial to be aware of this disease. In this interdependent world, we need to tackle this together. Many people still live with HIV for many years.

HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system. The immune system helps the body fight off diseases. A weak immune system creates a risk for a person to be prone to diseases. When an HIV-positive person’s immune system can’t fight off certain health problems, then the person is considered to have AIDS.

HIV can be passed from person to person through blood, semen, vaginal fluids, infected needles and other body fluids.

Focus has been given to a lot of emerging diseases but HIV still needs more awareness.

How do we stay aware?

Staying aware is a step towards a solution.

Take care of yourself and protect others. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and personal hygiene. By protecting others, you would ensure that your actions don’t put them at risk of the disease.

Major ways whereby HIV is transmitted are through sexual intercourse and sharing of needles and injections. Abstinence is advised but should you be sexually active use condoms. Avoid sharing needles.

Treat those who have been infected with respect and understanding. Don’t stigmatize anyone living with the disease. It’s unfair to make assumptions or be judgmental about someone who is infected.

Getting tested and the use of anti-retroviral drugs will reduce the risk of new infections. Get tested and encourage your loved ones to get tested too.  Because of the stigma surrounding the disease and the fear of stigmatization by society, many people don’t get tested until the disease has progressed. . Also, the fear of coping with such a disease can be discouraging, but some progress has been made scientifically to improve the life expectancy of patients living with HIV/AIDS.

Tell your friends and family about the disease and ensure they are also aware. There is no excuse for ignorance in this day and age.

Reach out and support those battling the illness. Supporting organizations that are helping combat HIV/AIDS goes a long way to help many people. Encourage someone who has been infected.

Remember that God is able to heal all diseases. No one is too far gone. Call upon Him today.

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