Starting Your Business After Relocation


Leaving the known for the unknown comes with a lot of anxiety, fear, confusion and uncertainties.


As humans, we feel relaxed and cherish the safety that we find in our comfort zones.



But, and more often than not, when we move, we are exposed to opportunities which open to us pathway for growth.


Moving and starting your business in a new location due to marriage, education, job opportunities, etc. or in search of better livelihood can both be exciting and frightening at the same time.



This is more likely the case at first as one is inundated with thoughts of creating awareness for one’s business, growing one’s customer base, fixing or tweaking one’s prices, getting people to accept them, business registration or legalization of one’s business amongst other things.



Howbeit, there are more flexible way(s) one can start afresh and ensure the transition is as easy as it can be.





1. Get familiar with the location you are moving to before you do

Understand the people at every given opportunity with every little you can find out.


What are their beliefs, culture, buying pattern, spending habits?


Is it a major town or city? Is it in the outskirts of town?


Research businesses that are in the same line or industry as yours and read up about them.


In this age of social media, assessing information about such business is at your fingertips.


2. Build relationships that will help you

Do not wait until you relocate before you begin to build relationships.


Engage and interact with same or related businesspersons. This is quite important so that you can develop wholesome relationship, and leverage, which will help with any useful information that can make the transition and stay a lot easier.


3. Understand what is obtainable for the products you sell or the services you offer in terms of pricing 

Check out the businesses in your new location to have an idea of what they charge for the products they sell or the services they offer – according to different specifications, like size, design etc.


Armed with this information, you may know how to fix yours to obtain a large market share.


4. When you move, do not keep to yourself.


Familiarize yourself with the environment – markets, malls, stores and places where you can source for local materials at affordable rates, to begin.


With recourse, enquire from persons you have made acquaintance with before moving. In cases where you do not get an expectedly warm response, you should want to instead of feeling bad, make a move to another resource person.


In time, you will surely woo a warm heart that will help you out with every information needed.


5. Have a positive and winning mindset


Starting afresh comes with its own challenges. As a professional, you will need to keep a positive mindset.


Believe that you can build your business ground up.


Be patient enough to wait through the incubation period, and, more importantly, not settle for less.


Stories abound of winning entrepreneurs who relocated their workplaces, started again, and, are at present running successful businesses.


6. Create awareness starting with your inner circle


It’s a lot easier starting with our immediate circle. This includes informing your family members, friends, neighbours, church members, work colleagues etc.


The opportunity always comes to do business and be of value to others.


And, when it happens to be with these within your circle, do not fail to give it your best shot. Doing so assures and empowers them to sing your praise.


More important opportunities can open up from them, and, they would be willing and eager to tell others about you – sometime, without asking.


Thank you.


What experience have you had about business and relocation?


We will like to read your experience.


Kindly share with us.


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