Spirituality Attracts


“You wont know what the Lord has done for you until you marry a man who is a capable spiritual covering, a priest in the courts of the Lord.

Also, you won’t understand how your life will turn around forever until you marry a woman who is a powerful minister to you, a powerful intercessor for your life, business
and ministry.

Being spiritually inclined gives you a sense of balance and rest that you can’t get elsewhere.

Spirituality allows you to promote the agenda of God in your generation. You are not just trying to change people, you are allowing God to change men through you. You are a life-giving spirit and this is the core of your being.

You exude so much light that attracts others to what you carry. You are also a custodian of the mysteries of the Kingdom and the trade secrets emerging in your sphere of influence.

This makes you a highly sought-after man/woman when combined with excellence.

You can’t scale through life without being spiritual — setting your affections on things above according to Colossians 3:2.

The more you deepen your knowledge of God, the more you show how great an influence you can be to this dying world.
Letting others see Jesus in you. Raising up an army of Christ followers, is the beauty of Spirituality.

Spirituality is, indeed, attractive.

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