It should be known that, as far as the eyes of any young professional can see, and as intentional as such is willing to go, much will be accomplished, close to his goals or further above it.


This is the crux of SMART GOALS; BOLD STEPS.


Every business enterprise, whether as a startup or a going concern is established with a GOAL in mind, to serve a definite purpose – for profit or not.


These objectives can vary in degree as the business or entrepreneur deems fit. It also could transit from one product/services to the other as time unfolds or when the need arises.


Yet, as beautiful on paper such goals may seem, as noble and value driven as these objectives might appear in the mind of the professional, until actual steps are taken to drive it, it will only be a GOAL.

Sadly, it is common to find a young professional being scared of the unknown and worrying about the scalability or future sustainability of their business up till the point of developing cold feet.

GOALS in themselves can be daunting and crippling. However, by making a GOAL SMART, it makes for a clearer, possible sense of realization.

Generally speaking, the benefit of setting SMART GOAL(s) in life cannot be overemphasized. We need to feel like we are working towards a goal to ultimately stay fulfilled and joyful. In the words of Tony Robbins, “Progress equals Happiness”.

S.M.A.R.T here entails –

S – Specific : Set a clear figure/percentage to mark your progress against. It could be as little as increasing profits by up to 10% every quarter, customer base by 200 every year etc.

M – Measurable : If one’s goal isn’t measurable, one cannot objectively claim to have achieved. Using short term measures helps track progress. This also informs on whether we need to improve upon our services/products etc or not.

A – Achievable : As important as it is to think big or to push oneself, our objective MUST be attainable., especially when it has to do with numbers. By leveraging on the S.W.O.T (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat), we can achieve our goal – per time.

R – Realistic : A realistic goal is a moral booster in itself to achieving it. Our goals should be such that the young professional is both WILLING and ABLE to work towards.

T – Time bound : Everything answers to ‘certain’ times and seasons. Time is a significant measure of our progress, as it helps to track and reassess our goals.

And, because time waits for no one, young professionals must immediately begin taking bold steps highlighted below to achieve their goal –

Pursue Passion before money : If you don’t enjoy what you do – at the start or in the long haul, there can never be sustainable, long term growth.

Love what you do, and what you do will love you – by thriving.

A review by a global group reported that the fastest growing businesses all over, are driven by people with real passion about it.

Grudge what you do, and your business nosedives (die). This is the law of Passion.

Use Micro Plans : Have short term progressive and smart goals.

Focus on what to do today, this week, this month, the next month etc.

Start by asking :

– What customer must I call today?

– What prospects am I visiting this week?

– What products/services am I selling/sharing to my clients?

– When/How will I increase my number of prospects?

Micro plans are highly focused on here, and are designed to get immediate results.

Constantly Innovate : Someone gives this business charge, “Innovate or Stagnate”.

Businesses that repeatedly use the same approach (in evolving times) run the risk of being left behind or forgotten.

Pivot to change direction

When you have done a complete analysis of your business, and it seems nothing has worked, be flexible – in changing direction or pivoting until you get it right.

Otherwise, stay flexibly persistent.

This pivot may sometimes require a wholesale, wholesome change or transition into a totally new industry.

However the case, find the courage to do whatever is required.


Growth can be fleeting and unpredictable. Nothing lasts forever – not even “Mallam perfume”. Humor me.

Ask yourself, “will the great innovative ideas I create or follow today guarantee sustainable business growth and new opportunities tomorrow?

Business is a constant cycle. You must never stop evolving. Also, remember to celebrate your wins, no matter how small they seem.

SMART goals are just the beginning – you can change your life one step at a time. IT STARTS NOW!

Thank you.



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