In his book “IDEAS RULE THE WORLD”, Dr. Sam Adeyemi rightly posits that ideas do not come fully formed, but, and when the Source puts pieces of them together backed with sufficient action, they can change the world – significantly.


Every human walking the earth has (had) an idea of how they could possibly change the world from their perspective – business, educational, technological, social, marital etc.


This observation rightly births the phrase, ‘WALKING IDEAS’. Every human is a bundle of walking ideas. We carry these ideas every time, and overtime even – a few accomplishing theirs, while most take theirs to the grave.

Every day, the world suffers the unfortunate birth and death of ideas that could change the world for good, by about eighty percent (80%) – literally.


This is because many of such ideas were never tabled for open discussion, reasonable dialogue or critical deliberation, nor could ever be funded.




It will shock you to find out today that, just as there are abundant ideas daily birthed, there are sufficient resources that could fund such ideas to fruition.

Sadly, we have SLEEPING FUNDS awaiting the scent of water. An idea worked on could awaken to effect a significantly desired local or global change. This is a loophole the young professional can and should leverage today. The bottom line is this: For any noble idea, there is a reserved resource that can fund it comfortably – sometimes, from start to finish.

Sleeping Funds can be alternatively referred to as “idle funds, dormant funds or unclaimed funds”. This is money not invested and, therefore, earns no interest or investment income. They are not deposited in a walking idea, an interest-bearing project, or an investment tracking vehicle, therefore, not participating in the economic markets.

Sleeping funds are commonly held in individual savings accounts, corporate or current accounts, and government/venture trust fund accounts across economies.

Many have been inactive for years and stay so, many no longer have the correct addresses held, so contact with the customer has been lost.

This can give rise to embezzlement, diversion of funds by those supposedly managing these accounts, and economic loss in large scale to the majority who would have had access to it etc.

Sleeping funds when accessed can be disbursed as a GRANT or LOAN in most cases, with certain conditions considered and attached.


There are certain things that can help you access sleeping funds per time. They include, and are not limited to:

Think and take Action

No idea comes fully formed, but, when the bits and pieces of it come, “do you take notes?”. It is said that the brain is designed to think ideas, while your note traps them – for referral purposes. A faint penned note has been found more reliable than even the sharpest brain.

Build a KLT Profile

Consciously nurture and have a Know-like-trust profile. If your idea is known, your person is liked, and your track record is trusted as to have delivered in the past, the possibility of attracting sleeping Funds is high.

Have a Business Plan

One can say it is imperative for the young professional (employee, employer, entrepreneur) to have a business plan, for every formed idea such as is actively seeking funds for execution. The plan clearly shows how an entrepreneur intends to organize an entrepreneurial endeavor and implement activities necessary and sufficient for the venture to succeed.

Prepare to Pitch

The possibility of having an opportunity to share your idea with an investor or a link to a potential investor can come at any time and in any form -. Hence, have your pitch in hand, and take your ‘kill’ moment.


Before applying or requesting funds, you have to be sure that you are eligible or you may be wasting your time. Some grants are limited to locations. So be sure it covers your location. Some are limited by scope. There are small business grants, agricultural grants, health grants, research grants and so on. Be sure it fits into your business or idea.

Actively Seek Funding Opportunities

They abound if you know where to seek, when to seek, and how to seek it – either for free, or a fee. Get information and work on it. There are numerous agencies and platforms (state, federal, privately funded) both local and international, that are ready to give more than persons/organizations are willing to ask.

Give Value

The bottom line of an idea is to give value back to the society. When this can be well outlined and executed with significant results, more opportunities to access sleeping funds will come “even without further application” – in the form of partnerships etc.

The huge capital injection of foreign multinational venture capital agencies in the tech sector of Nigeria (with companies like Paystack, Flutterwave etc) making them Unicorns, is a classical example of SLEEPING FUNDS awoken by WALKING IDEAS.

As always, do not despise the days of little beginning.

Cast your bread upon the waters, and, you shall find it after many days.

If you think you can or you cannot, you are absolutely right. It will be so.


Make your IDEA COUNT today.

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