Reorder Your Priorities

Life is in different dimensions and how we view success is relative.

Many folks believe that money is the only way to prove your success. Others believe that touching lives is the only way you can be successful indeed.

However, to be successful, you must be one who knows what s/he wants, and how to get those things.

Further to this, you need to understand that you don’t just succeed all of a sudden. It is positive cumulative activities that drive you home to Success Land.

But these activities must be prioritized in order to achieve success faster.

Many activities fall short of the expected route to success. They lead to nothing but pleasures that never amount to success.

Certain Activities Cannot Take You Anywhere

Shade, a brilliant lady in her late 20s, strongly desires to be a successful accountant with distinctive awards. She has lofty plans and a clear mental picture of her desirable future. Most of her friends have no concrete plan for their future. Hence, she is more like the egghead amongst them.

As the years rolled by, Shade got distracted by frivolities. She began to derail from focusing on her planned route to her dream future.

She became like the rest of her friends, who were more concerned about their physical appearances than in investing in the future. Funds which were meant for professional courses were diverted to maintaining her looks.

Instead of studying or attending seminars to broaden her mental horizon, she was found in parties and clubs.

She became like everybody else who had lost priorities!

Ladies and gentlemen, there are activities that cannot take you anywhere. You need to ask yourself questions before you venture into any activity.

You cannot afford to waste your precious time doing things that will not help your goals, vision and destiny.

Life is too Short to be Wasted on Frivolities. 

Sometimes, you wonder why some people would be online 24/7, reading celebrity gists and gossips, checking and following up on other people’s activities on social media, commenting and posting pictures. Surely they could use such precious time to better their lives.

Many employers have lamented the fact that most graduates are not employable. These same youths spend their time on unprofitable ventures.

Imagine a graduate who can’t use Microsoft office, answer simple interview questions, create PowerPoint presentations, or even compose a simple letter without avoidable blunders, complaining about unemployment?

Can you recruit a liability?

The question is – why can’t they reorder their priorities and use their time to learn and develop the skills they are deficient in?

Dear friends, it is not too late to reorder to priorities. 

Break free from the bandwagon of youths without direction and priorities!

Reorder Your Priorities!

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