Raise the Bar!

Raise the Bar!

If it takes crawling, CRAWL IT.

If it takes walking, WALK IT.

If it takes running, RUN IT.

If it takes jogging, JOG IT!

And if takes swimming, SWIM IT!!!

Whatever you need to do, want to do, or are meant to do, do it NOW! There is no promise or guarantee of tomorrow to any living soul.

Don’t allow fear, discouragement, convenience, visionless cohorts deprive you of a great and significant life.

The Race is On

When you were conceived in your mother’s womb, you were on your marks, after nine months, you got set, immediately you were born, your race began.

Your race is on, the stop watch isn’t stopping; it’s counting and will keep counting. Whether you’re running, stopping, going backwards, chilling, lamenting, complaining or waiting, it does not matter. The stopwatch of your life is not waiting, not stopping and not faulty. When your duration here on Earth is over, your race is done.

Choose to start and keep running today. Be determined to breast that tape of good success. It may be raining, sunny, stormy, dark or gloomy, you’d better don’t stop running.

Give your life a chance to matter. Give your dreams a chance to live, give your potentials the opportunity for manifestation, let all your gifts and talents be a blessing to the world in your time. Stop holding your past, background, and life itself, responsible for your race. It is your race, your own race!

The Comfort Zone Trap

Your comfort Zone could be a ‘DANGER-FULL’ trap!

Be wise about how you see it. Learn from all those who used to be in that zone many years before you. Ask yourself: where are they today?

Don’t be delusional.
Rise to your feet and THINK!
Rise to your feet and raise the bar.
The world is evolving!
Evolve too.
2020 is fast ebbing.

To your renewed mind.


— The Valiant Writer.

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