Question It All

There is an answer because there is a question.

There is a question because there is a need for clarity.

The need for clarity arises to resolve a confused state of the mind.

And confusion often arise because of limited knowledge of the past, present, and future.

What Then is a Question?

The English dictionary defines a Question as a sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information. This validates the statements above.

A Question can be likened to a being in constant search of light and the truth, not just knowledge, because sometimes what is known and believed might not be right. This can keep us in darkness forever.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions but there is a lot wrong with staying silent in ignorance. No one is beyond questioning and there is always an answer. Questioning everything — from what you know to what you believe in — even the new things you are learning, strengthens your understanding and beliefs.

Everyone Asks Questions…

…at one point in time or another.

In fact, it is difficult for anyone to engage in a discussion without asking a question. This implies that questioning is part of our day to day activities and is unavoidable.

It is important to ask questions and, more importantly, to ask the right ones. The right questions are usually with the intention to know and are most times influenced by experiences and sometimes by deliberate research.

The challenge is that most people are afraid of those who constantly ask questions. They feel threatened by the level of inquisitiveness which is a response to the desire to know. The act of questioning can be submerged by those who feel threatened by it, especially those in a place of higher authority. This can keep the mind in a cage of bondage while the body roams empty on the street with doubts.

What Questions Do You Ask?

You may get pushed away, ignored, or even misjudged for asking questions but don’t give up. It is the path to light and the source of acquiring knowledge. Remember,

He who always asks questions will not miss his path.

The question then to you is what have you asked yourself?

Most people derive so much pleasure asking others questions that they forget to ask themselves. It is most important to ask questions often but what will the question be to you?

Steve Jobs was said to wake up every morning, look himself in the mirror and ask, “What would I do today if this were my last day on earth? This is a question of existence, directed to purpose with the consciousness of time-lapse and a focus in mind.

Some Pertinent Questions You May Ask Yourself:

▪️ Who am I? This is a question of Identity. This is a question between you and your Maker. Your understanding of this determines how you will function.

▪️ Where am I From? This is a question of origin. This is not an ethnic group or country neither is it about your continent. You must understand where you are from. As a Believer, you are from God but are you really still with him.

▪️ Why am I here? This is a question of purpose and progress. It questions the reason behind your existence. Did you just come to this earth to work, pay bills and die, as many people think? It has to be more than that. There has to be a purpose for your existence.

▪️ What Can I do? What is my true ability?

The average human is said to use 10% of their brain. No one knows your ability, except the Manufacturer (God Almighty). So never let anyone judge you based on their measurements or their tastes. Stretch that ability by questioning your limit.

▪️ Where am I Going? This is a question of destiny. You were not born just to die. There are assignments for us all. What you are looking for is right where you are all the time. You don’t have to go to the USA or the UK to be great. You can be great right where you are. Your greatness is not just for you but for humanity.

Constant questioning proves what you know and will eventually reveal the truth.

What is your question to yourself?

Remember, question it all but question yourself more. It is your ticket to truth and light.

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