Prepare To Be Preferred

Life is not a bed of roses. It gives you only what you deserve and what you bargain for. Life will not throw anything you didn’t work for, at you. For one to be successful, you must work hard to get whatever you want!

Preparation Rewarded

Kehinde was a delectable lady with a determination to be different and exceptional. She had a dream of becoming the CEO of S&K Oil and Gas Company and of being a successful accountant with managerial experience.

She was wise enough to understand that if she really wanted to achieve these goals, she would need a holistic knowledge of the company, its business and especially its overall operation. With this in mind, as an account officer, she trained her mind to be inquisitive, and knowledge thirsty. Everyone knew her as a go-to person who was ever ready to work. She often volunteered to carry out other assignments that were not account-related.

She worked hard and read widely. Her boss — the account manager — delegated most of the delicate work to her especially when he was on an official assignment. Kehinde was indeed a brilliant staff that was recognized and won several company awards

A point came when the account manager resigned his appointment. Kehinde was readily appointed to take over the department. After assuming this role, she started enrolling for courses that would broaden her mental horizon and also make her better placed in the organization. She continued developing and preparing herself for that goal she had in mind.

Two years later, she was appointed to be a member of the board of directors S & K Oil and Gas company. Within a short while, she became the CEO of the organization.

Avoid the ‘Microwave’ Mentality

Please understand that Kehinde did not get to that position by sheer luck but through deliberate preparation. She was determined and poised to achieve her dreams.

Hmmm, in Nigeria today, the reverse is the case, youths now have the ‘microwave mentality’ (‘sharp-sharp’). They don’t want to either prepare to succeed or pay the price for their ultimate greatness. Rather, they desire to have success on a platter of gold without struggles or going through the rigour of hard work.

Study exceptional Nigerians who have made their mark on the sands of time. They paid the price and were students of preparation. Their preparation made them be preferred.

The likes of Victoria Obaze was sworn into office as the first black female civic mayor of London Borough of Tower.

Chimamanda Adichie, Akinwunmi Adesina and a host of other great Nigerians were adequately prepared for the greatness they envisaged.

Dear Professionals, you can only be preferred only if you are prepared!

Prepare to be Preferred!

Olaoluwa Olajide

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