Positioning Your Business in a Pandemic

As we have slowly but finally come to realize in the world we live in today, business as usual has ceased from being so. We are worried about what do to, what steps to take, what next, and how to survive. Our minds are boggled by the survival of our businesses post-COVID but while many entrepreneurs are worried, some are using the opportunity to position right for growth and success.

Staying relevant during and after this period requires some calculated and thoughtful steps/efforts in making sure your business is not just still existing but thriving. Quite interestingly, this depends so much on your ability to position right.

Here are some things you should take note of during this period.


With the focus of humans on the need to conserve resources, manage finances and take care of mainly the essentials, you as an entrepreneur are faced with a choice to either step up your game in developing an existing product or innovating based on new ideas to take care of these needs or go home.


This time affords you the opportunity to think about your branding and see what important moves you can make to give your brand a facelift and prepare for after now.

It could be in terms of passing across any of the preventive or safety measures of COVID-19 such as social distancing, washing your hands, staying home through your logos or taglines that can be used temporarily for this period.


This is surely not the time to be off the radar of your existing or potential customers. You need to constantly connect with them and be in their faces, not with sales ads only that could further irritate their already overwhelmed emotions but with a sense of care, emotional connection, empathy and concern about their well being this period. That way you are in their faces but for a good reason. However, don’t stop selling!


This pandemic has exposed so many aspects of business operations that can be digitalized or done as a single task rather than split into multiples thereby giving room for repetition and more overhead.

Take a critical look at your processes and determine what’s going to continue as part of your business operations or not.


You cannot afford to remain at the same stage or with the same level of knowledge you came into this period with. Your Personal development should really be looked into at this time by:


• Read books on entrepreneurship and business

• Enrolling for online courses

• Learning a skill

• Listening to experts on different topics of interest

• Training yourself on soft skills

• Getting professional certifications, etc.


Just aim at being a better you than you were before now.

Finally, stay safe, keep an open mind, stay Positive and pray.

We would get though this!

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