Monetizing Your Skill


The skill we possess is one of the major means through which we make financial gains.


As a matter of fact, people all over the world sell skills in return for payment.

One mistake we sometimes make is to think that the skill we have are not monetisable. For this reason, we give out more often without placing a price on our offer.

There is no skill you have that cannot be paid if you know how to ask for a payment.

For example, data-entry is a skill that is paid for on Upwork. It means you have the ability to pick data from somewhere and enter it somewhere else.

That appears simple but not everyone can do it.

The fact that you can enter data in an Excel or a Google Sheet, for instance, makes you someone with a monetisable skill.

It looks simple but that is it.

Simple data-analysis is a monetisable skill.

Doing a voice-over is a monetisable skill because not everyone who needs that service can do it.

The idea of monetizing any skill lies in the fact that you can something someone else needs to do but they lack the know-how.

If you find this person, then you can sell your skill to them. This is where many people give up but you have to get your skill to the market where it is needed if you must make money from it.

Who needs what you know?

Where are they located?

Get in touch and seal the deal!

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