Making the Big Move


More often than not, one cannot know or have it all when it comes to experiencing life. This unpredictability also thrives in the world of business and entrepreneurship.



In a time when the chips are down or when the coast is clear, we are faced with the option of making a move or remaining stuck in the mud.



Whatever any employer of labour, employee or entrepreneur envisions per time will only be if such takes MASSIVE ACTION. This move is always the defining moment, which is otherwise called the BIG MOVE.



Hence, we can suffice to say that the BIG MOVE is any deliberate action taken by the business owner, startup or entrepreneur to produce significant results that will be translated to a productive (and sometimes predictable) increase in value, influence and wealth.



A good read on select successful companies reveal something of significance. Some had to make a certain ”switch” into a whole different field – products or services before breaking even. A classical example would be Nokia and Samsung Inc.



It might seem difficult to turn vision into reality as a result of some factors unknown. However, should that be enough of a deterrent to making the BIG MOVE?



Here are seven (7) reasons any young professional MUST make the BIG MOVE TODAY –



1. If you do not START, SOMEONE ELSE WILL.


One can only imagine the hurtful feeling when he finds out that a conceived idea stored only in the archives of the mind or on paper is being executed wholly by a neighbour, competitor, or total stranger somewhere around you – providing the exact thought and value to the exact customers intended to reach.



Intention is GOOD. Action is GREAT.



Act on your ideas now. One professional or organization somewhere is DOING something today you intend STARTING tomorrow.


What you procrastinate, someone else acts on. In other words, the universe leaves no vacuum.


2. What do you REALLY HAVE TO LOSE.


In the words of a living sage, “the one that ventures only loses a limb or a line, the one who does not loses a life experience or time”.


Try out ideas, strategies and plans. Do not let the imaginary marginalize your future – value, influence and wealth.


Life itself is a daily risk – whether one takes action or stays inactive.




“What-Ifs”, are simply what they are – What If?


Sometime ago on our YPF series, I came upon a graphical content with this caption, “WHAT IF I FAIL, WHAT IF I FLY?”


Negative ‘what-ifs’ are not healthy in the same way Positive ‘what-ifs’ are healthy.


We become what we think mostly about, and get the results that we ponder on per time.


There is a bigger chance for that business idea to thrive when you strategize, take action, stay persistent, tweak feedback, and apply the same.




Time and again, one thing we learn is that life does not assure one of anything, but that which is put into it. That should not stop one from venturing.


Life only gives what you demand from it, not what is desired or even deserved.


Consciously, the young professional must create their own path, and consistently curate it all the way.


If a man sets his course on fire, the world will watch to see it burn.


5. Regret might be INEVITABLE.


In a world of limitless opportunities and endless possibilities, the young professional must have the courage to follow their heart and intuition. Other things are secondary.


Many in passing have been accounted to regret more the ideas they did not execute when they had the chance to do so.


Time here is limited. So, ACT NOW!


6. Growth from the EXPERIENCE.


Perhaps, there is not much in our world that can teach one about life, business and change one so much like experiences.


While losing may be bitter at first, it makes for a better and bigger win – when it does happen eventually.


Things may not have been before now, yet, it can be in the future.


“Just Do It”, Nike says.


7. It’s NOW or NEVER.


It is quite true that we can be lazy sometimes. Or, would you rather say, demotivated?


But, postponing to the point one is not able to execute the task at hand is sickening.


If, and, when you do have a business idea, do not brush it off for a later time.


Even the Scripture adjures saying, “NOW IS THE ACCEPTABLE TIME!”


The world is ever evolving, awaiting champions who will walk their talk.


You can be counted as one of those today when you MAKE THE MOVE!


Thank you.

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