Make Offers; Sell!

This is not going to be a long piece and the reason is simple: you need to go and sell.


So, take a few minutes to read this and afterwards, go and make an offer to sell!


If there is any truth you need to make yourself believe every morning you wake as a business or business person, it is that people are in need of many things E V E R Y D A Y they see the sun.


Believe me, some people don’t even know what to spend their money on.


Yet, you have your goods and services but you are not making offers?

You cannot blame the potential buyer. You should not blame your strategy. You should blame yourself.

If this has to come to an end now, this is what to do: make offers!

During the total lockdown in Lagos, I made an offer to my audience to teach them a skill. Before I could turn left or right, people were already paying.


You know what? You are not making sales because you are not making compelling offers.


Make the compelling offers and if customers don’t buy, keep making the offers!


Follow these steps quickly:


1. Know and Package Your Product/Service

Hello, you need to know what you want to offer. Then package it appealingly such that whoever sees or hears about it will want to have it.


2. Identify your audience

The truth is, everybody is not your customer. There are people who need what you have.


Where are they?


Where can you locate them?


Identify where they cluster be it online or physically.


3. Make a convincing offer to them

The next thing is to tell them you have what they need. Tell them through your spellbinding ads and marketing that they need not look elsewhere.
You know what: go and make the offer today — sell!

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