Lord, At Thy Word! (Luke 5:1-11)

At the word of our Master, our melancholic nights turn to days!


Amidst the hordes of fretting labour,

Swimming through our boats on Gennesaret harbour

Many companions, plenty skill set yet we struggle on with tiring fervour

The day is breaking nothing in sight to give us the needed succour



At the little gaze through the hazy stour,

Peter saw the light of a loving Saviour

In majesty King Jesus sat to teach with glamour

Vociferous Simeon and the sons of Boanerges consented without any rancour



Setting Himself down, the Master spoke with flavour

“Launch out into the deep and let down your net for a great favour”

The rolling stone recounted the former fruitless endeavour

Nevertheless he remembered the Lord had spoken with grace and splendour



Swiftly the weary partners launched their failing armour

Into the belly of the reservoir of heavenly downpour

The old net would not come out without a mighty clangour

At Thy word! At thy word!! Our melancholic night has turned to days of colour



Ogunji Seyi

@setopy2 (Twitter)


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