Life Lessons From Mummy And Baby Giraffe

Why on earth will a mum kick her new born baby?

This act by Mother Giraffe may look wicked. But it’s something you must learn if you will stay strong and soar in the ‘jungle’ of your your profession, so to speak.

When Baby Giraffe is due to be born, its mother stands straight, her legs open. She does not lie on some soft grass, waiting to cuddle her new born.

About 8 feet above the ground, baby Giraffe  wriggles out of its mother’s womb and hits the hard floor.

The mother giraffe looks down at her baby, with eyes full of love and care, and lowers her head towards the baby.

Then, she does something that many would consider most absurd. She raises her iroko-tree-like legs, and gives the baby a fierce kick that sends it flying in the air!

Swirling around in the air, the baby descends, hits the ground and lies there… folding its feeble body near its mother’s legs.

Another loving look at the baby’s curled body, and mother giraffe sends it into the air again. And again. And again.

Until… baby Giraffe knows it must brace up. So it stretches its limbs and tries steadying its legs on the ground.

An Essential Survival Lesson

Mother giraffe looks down, and gets into action again. Another kick. The baby lands on the ground… and then rises up and stands… faster and stronger.

“That great!” one can almost hear the mother say to her baby.

She has taught her baby a lesson that will help her survive life in the jungle.

And what’s that lesson? You’ll have lots of hard, nasty kicks in life. And you’ll fall. But don’t stay down there. Get yourself together and stand up FAST. And keep moving. Because if you don’t, some tear-it-down animals – like lions and leopards – will catch up with you… And turn you into their lunch delicacy.

Dear Professional, we live and work in a jungle-like world. You’ll be faced with situations that will throw you off your feet, and land you on the hard ground. These situations could be major or minor failures, losses, misunderstandings, lack of support, or things not turning out the way you planned.

You need to note this next point.

If you want thrive and get to the end of life’s journey with a crown of victory, you must learn to pick yourself off the floor. Fast. And keep moving.

Otherwise, depression, discouragement and despair will swallow you up. Not to talk of other “wild” humans who will gladly walk over you head now that you’ve finally fallen!

Don’t give room to that, friend.

I (You) can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (you).

Rise up and keep moving.

Like Anik Singal says, “When life pushes you, stand straight, smile and push it the heck back!”

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