Letter to a Young Professional — Stay Off Their Traps!

Dear Young Professional,


Father reported you to me that lately, you have been led to a sort of self delusion: that those ‘lovely birds’ coming to roost in your nest were close to you because of the beauty of your nest! 


On hearing that, I was deeply appalled because you have so soon forgotten this sacred word Father had constantly drummed into our ears while growing up: For by means of a whorish (wo)man a (wo)man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will HUNT for the PRECIOUS life. (Proverbs 6:26). 


Dear, remember that those hunting birds (Father said you also called them ‘anointed sisters’, ‘little babes’, ‘Whats-up ladies’ and all sorts of terrible appellations that came from the horrible pit!) are drawing close to you with the sinister motive of bringing down your nests of Godly Virtues, Secured Future, Stable Health, Career Excellence and that Beautiful Mansion which Father is fixing up for us in our Native Home. 


I counsel you to stay off their traps as soon as possible. Close your ears to their fair speeches that are making you to yield already because they have cast down many wounded: yea many strong men have been slain by them (Proverbs 7:26). 


Remember, you can’t sleep on Delilah’s lap and hope to wake up in Abraham’s blossom. May the Lord strengthen you. Amen.







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