Letter to a Young Professional — Appointment with God



Dear Young Professional,

Some would easily take medical reports or the opinions of men as words of finality that seal their fate. Terrible news from a respected person would make others cower and resort to self-pity. But not Hezekiah. He turned his face to the wall and sought God after receiving a death knell. In response, the Lord added 15 years to his life. (2 Kings 20:1-7).

It may take hours or days to get great men to accede to our requests, but getting heaven’s attention takes less than a split second. You need not book an appointment with a ‘personal assistant’ or a ‘secretary’. Your call rings directly in the ears of God the Father.

If you’re privileged to get the audience of a V. I. P., your time with them would often be rationed. You may be told: “He is busy…” or “Others are waiting too…”. But nothing of such abides with God. No security checks, appointment booking, or form filling. Why not book an appointment with God today, and tender those troubling thoughts before the Throne of Grace?


With Love, 


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