Let the Line be Drawn (1 Kings 18:21)

Prophet Elijah once challenged the vacillating Israelites. He said, “How much longer will you waver… between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him! But if Baal is God, then follow him!” (1 Kings 18:21)

Although the Israelites were known as ‘the people of God’, they were often distracted by the worship of Baal, the idol of the Canaanites. This caused them much trouble as the protection of the true God of Israel would often depart from them during such times.

Believers in Christ are referred to as “an holy nation” and “a peculiar people” called by God to display His praises (or virtues) (1 Peter 2:9). We are surrounded by a system that is subservient to Satan, the god of this world, in dressing, conversations, business activities and in lifestyle generally. Let there be a clear distinction between the Christian and the non-Christian in every area of life. Do not let people wonder, like Elijah, if you stand for God or for the world. Your words, physical appearance and integrity should always be an announcement of God’s glory, that all men may glorify God and be drawn to serve Him too.

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