Laid Off? What Next?

Biblical example

Where the Bible said: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God…” in the 28th verse of Romans chapter 8 – this was written for a reason. For example, the man Joseph had just lost his job for an alleged attempt to rape his master’s wife, worse still he was convicted and condemned to prison. What could have been worse for a slave without a father, mother or loved ones?


Being laid off is not the end of the world

In a world today where success is measured by material or physical assets, promotions or changes in jobs etc – getting laid off is considered a sign of career failure or defeat. For the child of God, this is not the case. The child of God functions under different rules. When Joseph was laid off, he probably was cast down and unsure of what the future held for him, but do you know that God had a well-shaped plan for the life of Joseph, even in the prison after he was laid off?


God’s got your back

For Joseph, God raised the butler to present his cause before Pharaoh. Now notice that it took Joseph two years after the Butler was released to be invited for an interview to be coordinated by the king. Do you also know that there were chances that if the  Butler had remembered him earlier and invited to the King, he could possibly have been sent back to the prison, made to return as a slave or killed? However, note that God unveiled him only as a solution to a problem to be solved. This is the same thing God would do for you.

 After a setback, there’s always a comeback

Hi friend, as we begin the week, What may seem to be a long time of waiting and uncertainty maybe God’s ways of asking you to prepare a little more for the blessings ahead.

Here are a few things to do, should you be laid off:

  1. Take time to praise God because all things are working together for good.
  2. Be sure to review what lead to you being laid off.
  3. Pick the lessons and move on quickly.
  4. Begin immediately to search for and apply to other job opportunities.
  5. Do not forget to keep praying for God’s intervention.
  6. Ensure to stay away from sin to be pure and ready for God’s blessings.
  7. Resist the urge to speak evil about the previous organization.


Dear friend, as you commence the new week, don’t call for a pity party about your situation, but be assured that God would spring pleasant surprises for you, just like he did for Joseph who thought he was forgotten, but God came through for him. Put your trust in him, and he will not let you down!


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