After over two millennia since the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, we witness the fulfilment of many signs and prophecies of His Second Coming, over and over.

There is a rise of false prophets and false teachings. Love of many believers has grown cold. Traditional morals are fast becoming less accepted with immorality taking the place of common sanity.

Nations are in constant conflicts, and natural disasters with lots of lives and properties being destroyed are no longer news to us. The number of people abandoning their Christian faith is on the increase. There are famines, pandemic and pestilences all around us.

With these recurring manifestations, you may ask, “Why are all these things happening? What or who is the source of these evils? How can I keep myself and my loved ones safe in times like this? What can I do to avert future danger? When things get very tough, where can I run to for refuge?

In fact, where is God in these?”

Search no more and revert to Christ’s words: “When ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things MUST needs be…” (Matthew 13:7).

That means for greater glory to come, there must be some preceding gloomy circumstances.

It, therefore, rests on us as believers to arm ourselves with information at our disposal as contained in the Scriptures to protect ourselves and be ready for the coming of the Lord.


The Problem

Man’s age-long problem started from his fall at the Garden of Eden.

A seeming simple sin of disobedience by eating the forbidden fruit caused damning consequences. He had then compounded the problem by continually sinning against God, his Creator.

This brought about untold hardship and judgement from Him. The ignorant people of Nineveh continued in sin until God determinedly sent Jonah to preach to them and they repented.

In times like this, the world needs the likes of Prophet Jonah, who against all odds should show sinners the spots where they had fallen and direct them to retrace their path of righteousness.


The Plan

Architects and builders know the importance of a plan when building massive structures. With a carefully thought-out plan, they foresee the end of the project and know exactly what to do at every stage of the construction.

This is the evil conception Satan conceived when he deceived Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. He knew “mere” disobedience would make a man lose his hold on the Golden Garden; hence, he came up with a piece of subtle advice to “simply taste” the forbidden fruit.

And he succeeded in wrecking mankind for eternity. The question is, Will he succeed in your life?

In times like this, the world needs a prophet like Elisha who would reveal the evil intentions of wicked people and free sinners from the stronghold of the devil.


The Pattern

Haven falling from grace, the descendants of Adam and Eve continued in the path of sin laid by the first parents. It became a norm in the nation of Israel to follow the pattern “of the sin of Jeroboam, who did sin, and who made Israel to sin” (1 Kings 14:16).

Sadly, this pattern had continued to this contemporary time when people in power continue in the evil administration started by their predecessors.

In times like this, the world needs a youth like Joseph, who would boldly refuse to commit sin with anyone and flee from any appearance of evil, even if supported or sponsored by superiors.


The Programme

Though God created man for a purpose, he had consistently derailed from the original purpose and had faced the consequences. King Solomon, adjudged the wealthiest and wisest king in the Bible by divine appointment, turned out very regretful on his dying bed, echoing the words “vanity” to the hearing of the people around him.

A typical result of people who live outside the plan, purpose and programme of God… choosing their own path.

In times like this, don’t we need to raise children with a heart like the innocent child, Samuel, who was offered to the Lord at childhood and remained stationed in God’s house for a lifetime, fulfilling God’s programme for his life?


The Panacea

What are the solutions to man’s many problems, especially as seen in times like these where “a chaotic situation is in order”?

A boy sinking in mud cannot rescue himself. He needs someone, saved outside the mud, to lend a helping hand to pull him out. And when the rescue is ongoing, the helpless boy in the mud stays put and relies on his saviour until he gets completely pulled out.

Any struggle from him from below may land them both in the mud. A sinking sinner needs JESUS to rescue him from the stinking mud of sin and Just Emphatically Surrender Until (he is) Saved.

In times like this, it is only JESUS that the world needs to be saved.


The Path

Now, what are the path one must follow to be saved?

Simple as A B C.

Accepting that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation – the only Saviour, and surrendering one’s life to Him.

Becoming saved by Him after past sins are confessed and forsaken.

Continuing in the path of righteousness and holy living.

In times like this, the world needs to tread the path that leads to the cross where Christ died and ransomed all sinners from death unto eternal life.

The Praise

When a job is well done, it is logical to expect praise which sometimes serves as a catalyst for improvement.

A man who had lived on earth and is free from sin gets heaven’s praise. But many saint’s praises are short-lived because of pride, overconfidence, carelessness, neglect to prayers, lukewarmness and indulgence in “simple sin” like mere disobedience.

Hence, there is need to guard our Christian profession securely as we do to our most treasured item.

In times like this, the greatest praise we should look out for is that which we shall get when we get to heaven.

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