Important Questions People Ignore About Life


Each day, we pause to think as our mouths are filled with many questions about life and we wonder as to who would give an answer to the many questions we have.

Our questions increase daily but should our questions increase despite the number of years we have lived?

Every man has a perspective of what life means to him. To some, it’s a race that has to be run and won. To another, it’s a journey and a movie to another. Whatever you perceive it to be is what it is to you.


What are these questions about life and which will be termed important?

The question of;

Who am I?

A man gets to a junction in his life where he begins to ask himself and anyone close the question of “who am I?”. He needs to find himself and he won’t stop asking this question until he gets an answer.
Man here is to mean everyone, both young and old who has come of age to decipher between right and wrong.

Why am I here?

Everyone at a point in life asks this question. He wants to know why he should be at the level he is, why he should even be at the place he is. The whys in a man’s life are innumerable. Why did life give me this, is that all I am worth? Why did life do this and that? These questions arise out of lack of satisfaction.

Why me?

A question that arises out of pain mostly and out of joy especially when a man gets an undeserved favor.
When a man opens his mouth to ask his fellows why me in time of pain, he is actually throwing it back to life, why did you have to choose me to go through this harrowing experience? These questions are kind of seen to be unfathomable as to why, because he feels he isn’t strong enough to bear such. But unknown to him, he is actually stronger than he thinks that’s why he has to be the one to go through it and not the other man.


Eve asked this question too? We all do at certain points in our life. Where do I go from here? Where do I turn to? Where exactly is this problem coming from? The “where” is equally as much as the who and why. Whoever has not asked this would eventually come to ask because life dictates will push you to ask. It’s not a matter of choice most times.


What is this am been given? For what reason? What kind of life is this? What have I done to deserve this? All of these and many more which ends with for God’s sake.. is the kind of question man ask.


Is there a man who doesn’t ask this question of “when?”.  When will I get to that position to be..? When will I build or buy a house like Mr. A? When, when, when? These are thrown at life indirectly when we ask our fellow man who isn’t having the key to open the door of solutions for us.
Come to think of it, all of these questions do have answers but it’s not in my position to give. Life, which is not tangible does have the answer but it’s how you go about it that determines if you would get the answers needed.


How am I supposed to solve or do this? How did I get into this mess? Mind you there are also positive questions from all these but most of the time, men, in general, would only ask questions in the negative because he has not been able to get what he feels or thinks life should have given him just like some students say, see what I was given(referring to their examination score) especially when it’s a poor score.
Man does not want to attribute any failure to himself because he feels he has tried on his part but only life is the cheat. How? Life has not told him who he is, why he should be where he is or that and that? Life is the reason why everything isn’t working right?


All of these questions are interwoven into each other? Which way do I go from where I am and who would I say I am when I get to the place I am going and how would I say I got there and when did I get there?
Have you ever gotten to this point?

Life would only give you back what you give it. It’s like the deposits made at the bank. No deposit no withdrawal. Until we all get to this point we would always have unending questions. You cannot deposit #200 and expect to withdraw #400, how is that possible?

It’s time to begin to reframe our’s a case of giving to Caeser what is Caesers’. Give life what it requires and you get what you deserve!

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