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If You Don’t, Someone Else Will


There is a realization that is scarcely noticed in society among men. This has caused the world, the earth itself to be in its present state. This is not because there has not been significant changes since creation, but there has not been as much as should have been done.

Created For A Purpose

Every creation exists for a purpose. Several stories, books, sermon, notes, articles, poems, et cetera, have been written on this subject of Purpose, yet, majority are yet to figure it out.

The world operates on a system governed by certain principles. To understand your part in the system is to have figured out how you are meant to function and this is defined by purpose.

What is Purpose?

Purpose is the reason a thing is created. However, without understanding purpose, abuse is inevitable.

Understand Your Purpose

Understanding purpose gives life a meaning.  It liberates you from the law of accidents, thus, now living under the law of cause and effect.

You start living, when you truly understand your purpose of existence.

Purpose directs your actions towards a defined goal.

A misplaced gear in a clock will cause the clock to malfunction. The same goes for an individual who fails to align to his purpose of existence.

You Are Not Created By Accident

You have been created for a reason, a mission to fulfill, and there is no purpose that is too small.

Like a faulty gear in a clock is immediately replaced, so it is for anyone who does not align with purpose.

Dear friends, you are not here by accident.

Deliberate efforts were made to design you to function in the capacity that will make you significantly noticed, no matter how irrelevant it may seem.

You are important, so is your divine purpose; no matter how little you think it is.

Men of steel like Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Alexandra Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, and the likes discovered what they were wired to achieve in life, and they gave it all to excel. But what if they died without achieving those innovations? Someone else will!

If you don’t, someone else will!

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