If You Can Conceive It, You Can Achieve It

Your mind is adjudged the most important part of your being. It is the stable where ideas and inventions are birthed. Lots of ideas — good and bad —emanate from the mind. Many famous men and women in history were known to have been productive with their minds. They believe strongly that whatever their minds can conceive, they mostly certainly will achieve it.

Based on this belief, they engage their minds productively and there are a whole lot of inventions to show for it.

Ideas Rule the World

  • ◾An idea conceived by Bill Gates gave a new meaning to computers.


  • The Wright Brothers conceived an idea that brought about transportation by air.


  • Pascal‘s idea gave a new meaning to arithmetic.


  • A brilliant economic policy conceived by Margaret Thatcher helped lower inflation rates during her time as the British Prime Minister.


  • Thomas Edison‘s light bulb idea gave rise to the illumination in our homes.


  • Alexander Graham Bell conceived the idea of communicating  gave a new meaning to communication.


  • An unwholesome idea conceived by Osama Bin Laden gave birth to the dreaded Al-Qaeda.

All these are products of the mind.
However, it is instructive to note that the Bible expressly highlights that as a man thinks in his heart, so he is.

The Power of Your Thoughts

So the question is: What do you engage your mind with on a regular basis?

Are you deploying the power of your mind to your own advantage?

Martin Luther king Jr once conceived an idea. He envisioned that one day, his children would be judged by the content of their character, rather than the colour of their skin. He conceived that thought, gave ife to it, expressed it, and it came to pass.

Dear friend, you cannot be your best if you don’t deploy the power in our mind effectively. That’s the only way to surpass societal norms and break the jinx of mediocrity.


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