How Well  Do You Rise After Falling?

How Well  Do You Rise After Falling?

Have you suffered from a job loss? Have you failed at a relationship you’ve invested your heart in? Or now you seem alone and isolated? Are you on the verge of your life where many things are falling apart?

Hmmm, it is well.

Let’s talk about it.

In life, falls and failures are inevitable. It looks like every human on planet earth is subscribed to one, two or more failures. Sadly, these situations have the power to reduce our hope and flatten our productivity.

Falls are common in infants. It is bliss seeing them miss there steps, plunge, rise, and pick up those steps again.  The falls were with no regret. It was simply part of the growth process. The delight was in there rising and attempting to walk again.

 How well do you rise after you fall?

It’s not about how many times you fail, but how much you persevere. It is the rising up that helps us attain a much greater height. If not for the fall, such ascension may not happen. It is what becomes of you after the fall that defines you.

 Micah’s Confession

Micah, the Prophet, spoke thus on behalf of the Children of Israel, “Do not gloat over me, my enemies!  For though I fall, I will rise again.  Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light.” Micah 7:8  Micah sure had confidence speaking.

The enemy would only mock as long as you stay down. You may have fallen into outward afflictions and distresses, but as a righteous one, understand that the principle of God’s grace and love still stands to make you rise. This is the strong force you should lean on. Allow the Lord to uphold you. How well you rise depends on how greatly you harness this glorious privilege.

 Keys to rising after a Fall

To rise greatly after a fall, consider these:

1. Learn from your failure

You now have a story. If you didn’t experience that failure, you would not have had any idea about it. That story, learn from it. Note the principles and values you missed out on. Improve on them intentionally.

2. Remind yourself that you can’t change the past. Brooding over your yesterday’s failures would only decrease your present focus. Acknowledge the fact that you do not have any control or superpowers to rewrite your past mistakes.

3. Forgive and Move!

When a fellow offends you, you forgive. If you get offended by yourself, than, forgive yourself too. Be kind to yourself as you would any other person. Sorrow and guilt from unforgiveness keep you down. Forgive, and move forward!

4. Faith

Have faith in God and his ability to lift you. Also importantly, have faith in yourself. Get reminded of your personality and capability in Christ.

5. Make a plan to achieve a target

Get surrounded by positive vibes. You might want to listen to songs and encouraging sermons. Revisit your drawing board, evaluate and rechart your course.

6. Engage in relentless prayers.

Prayer is key in whatever we are going through. Inasmuch as you are putting other things in place, always remember to pray fervently for a complete restoration.

Whenever anything knocks you down, it is your duty to dust yourself, shut your eyes against that failure, put on more energy and move towards your aim. What defines us is how well we rise after falling.

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