How to Sell Yourself in the 21st Century

As a career and life coach, this writer has been coaching and getting jobs from various clients for over five years. In fact, 80% of these jobs were not applied for. All he did was to just “Sell myself.”



How is that possible?



Many people don`t know the name of my company, but many know me and they know what I do. At this level, my business and I are synonymous.



For this singular reason, I need to sell myself and always do so. As I grow, my company will definitely gain an identity outside of me.



Until that happens, selling “me” means almost everything for now.



Again and again, these skills or steps have always worked. I hope to continue “selling myself.”

“Selling yourself” may not really be a concern to everyone unless those in the world of business (especially starters) or those who are really looking for a job. This is a skill you need to master and practise all the time. This will help you to strategically position yourself as an expert.



Now, this article is not trying to show you techniques to exaggerate your abilities or what you can do.



Let me show you the skills you need to truly sell yourself in the 21st Century.





We all have weaknesses. Hey, don`t look at that direction. Carve a niche.




What problems can you solve there? 


What can you offer that will be valuable to people? 



Be innovative and think of the numerous solutions you can give there.



For instance, I discovered my passion was to help individuals and organizations perform effectively and maintain excellence. I have been doing this excellently because it is my interest.






You cannot share what you don`t have. Hence, reading and personal development cannot be overemphasized.



I have a webinar called SAGES AFRICA where I share (for free) my knowledge and invest quality information and vital tools in professionals in various fields, initiators of networks, executive directors of companies etc.



Monthly, I share deep insights with them with utmost joy. The comments I receive monthly have really been encouraging.



Guess what? I have also gotten speaking offers from this network that has really paid off. It has always been a win-win situation! So, share your knowledge. It sells you.







Do you have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page? Spend some time on your social media platforms. Be active but don`t be addictive to it.



Tell us the taste of that tea you mistakenly added salt into, how you almost wore a black shirt with a yellow tie to a job interview, how you failed so much, and how those failures became stepping stones to your better place now.




Don`t be boring. Have an interesting and an inspiring personality.





You need to connect deeply with other experts in your field. This is one way you can showcase your expertise and build your reputation. This is very crucial.






It is not enough to have passion or just be in a network. Be sure your network knows you. Be sure they can bank on your ability and capacity to add value in your field and also to the world. Your expertise will naturally draw other experts to you.






Every word you speak, every action you take, counts. You are a message to your world. Be deliberate about all you do offline and online. You never know who is watching. Be intentional and authentic.





Many people give up too soon. Don`t be tired of sending those emails, those text messages. Keep refining yourself and making all the effort to get yourself known to that company or organization.





There is a level of confidence that always springs up from the heart of positive individuals. Irrespective of the seemingly unending challenges around, stay positive. As you wait for the offers or calls from investors or the employers, smile.


Laugh. Be grateful for all the beautiful things in your life and the once that are yet to come. Stay close to positive and inspiring people.



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