Quiet time is a dedicated time set aside each day to commune and connect with God.


It is not enough for believers to know God. Most importantly, we should know Him as our Father, our Friend, our Comforter, our Guide, and our Lord. Knowing Him this way entails consistently talking to Him and hearing from him.


Quiet time fundamentally is made up of 3 aspects; Time, Prayer, and The Scripture.


Getting to know God means spending time with Him. And such time should be regular and consistent each day.


Prayers are the means by which we talk to God, and one of the ways God talks to us is through His scriptures.

Also, cultivating a consistent quiet time is the hallmark of a Christian’s safe voyage and pilgrimage here on earth.

Considerations For A Consistent Quiet Time

Evaluate Your Time:

In the professional world, when we talk of money and investments, professionals talk about tracking your spending. Example, take a week and write out every money you are spending and where it is going into so you can really see where your money is going.


The same thing applies to our time and our schedule. One of the best ways to see where your time is going is to track your time. By so doing, you will be able to determine whether to cut down time spent on social media or other things to make adequate room for your quiet time.

Make it a Priority:

Make quiet time with God a priority. Find a time that works for you, dedicate it to being with God and stick to it. There is no ‘perfect time’, and the only way you are going to figure out what time is going to work for you is by trying several times. You’ve got to be intentional about your quiet time. Find one or more consistent times each day when you are fully alert and free from all forms of distractions. Plan ahead. To spend time with God in the early hours of the morning, you have to go to bed early. If you are tempted to spend much time on social media or check emails, turn off your devices. If you find yourself preoccupied with the day ahead, keep a notepad next to you to record to-dos.


Be Creative:

There is no one way fits all when it comes to communicating with God. You can be super creative with your time with God. God is creative, and we have the gift of been creative as well. You could use an audio Bible and text-to-speech reading, daily devotional apps with reminders, etc. While it is recommended that a Quiet Time should comprise worship, scripture reading, meditation and prayer, you have to be open to the leading of the Spirit as some days, you may spend the bulk of the time singing and rejoicing, which may lead to prayers; and other days the bulk of the time might be spent on hearing from God and meditating upon His words.

To be able to navigate through life successfully amidst the trying time, we need to re-center ourselves in Christ each day through the means of a consistent daily quiet time.

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