Hope for the Road Filled With Uncertainties (Isaiah 43:1, 2, 19)

God gives us hope for uncertain times. He has promised to always be with us through hard times.

The sun may not always shine, the clouds may not always be blue, conditions may not always be favorable as expected, yet there is a promise on every dusty road.

He who formed you in your mother’s womb has promised to always be there for you. It matters not the path on which you travel, or how hot the sand on which you walk. No matter how big your problems and fears are, there is hope!

Do you believe this?

Our problems and fears are only as big as we make them. They only take the definition we give them. God said, “FEAR NOT.” He has promised and we know He can never fail.

The hope He gives is everlasting, ever faithful, ever trust worthy. Just follow Him and “neither turn thou to the right hand or to the left.” Follow and never think of giving up or going back no matter how uncertain you feel.

God said, “Fear not, thou worm Jacob.” He will always be by your side through the waters, and through the flames you shall not be harmed.

God is not the son of man that he should lie or change, has he spoken and shall he not perform it? Has he spoken and shall he not make it good?

Sometimes God may not make sense to us, but when we follow Him in faith, even though we know not where he is leading us to, like Father Abraham did, we shall find that He has already prepared a Canaan land for us, flowing with milk and honey.

Be sure to never let go of the hands that have kept you this far, for the journey is almost complete.

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