Highlights from the Summit — 2





Snippets from Mr Paul Kokoricha’s Speech

– Continuous investment in personal development is very important.

– Be ethical, live by the principles that are good for you and that are good for the society.

– To stand out from office politics, declare yourself as a Christian; interrogate the organization (what do they stand for?); don’t lower your standard; and be humble for excellence and hungry for knowledge.

– Being humble does not mean you should lose your passion for excellence.

– Investment is the key to sustainable development.

– Pay the Price: The heights great men achieve is not by sudden flight but they, while others slumber, burn the midnight oil.

– Don’t stand still: Keep on improving, don’t be stagnant.

– Have faith in God and have faith in yourself. No matter what your past may have been, your future is spotless.

– As a young leader yearning to cause change, you must understand the times and anchor everything in life in Jesus.

– It is always good to have some form of equity in what you do. Without this, your actions are considered risky.

– The attractiveness of the sector should inform your decision to invest in it.


Snippets from Mr. John Enoh’s Speech

– Nigeria is a right place to provide solutions because there are problems everywhere. Look for problems to solve.

– Be proactive in working towards your solution.

– Do not be afraid to try or start.

– Have an innovative and proactive mindset.


Snippets from Barr. Uchenna Uwechia’s Speech

– Compromise will destroy your future

Dreaming Dreams. You need to dream to be great. If you cannot dream dreams, find those who can dream dreams and help them achieve their dreams through partnership.

– Be professional and be very strong in performance.

– Humility doesn’t mean you lose your passion for excellence.

– Be involved in other areas of the organization – volunteer.

– Invest and work in organizations that respect your value.

– If your organization is involved in unethical practices, please quit ASAP. It is better to be jobless than lose your license to operate.

– You shouldn’t be anxious about getting a job; be determined and don’t compromise.

– Ensure that where you work matches what you want to be, otherwise, you will be seen as a misfit.

– If you’re passionate about excellence, you will reach the top.


Click on the highlighted links to watch the replay of the events of Day 1 and Day 2 respectively.

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