Highlights From the Summit — 1


SNIPPETS FROM Keynote Speaker, Mr. Femi Pedro, the Former Deputy Governor of Lagos State.


▪️ Money is not real wealth. A lot of people make their wealth through illicit means. Real money grows. If you own a business for example, the profit is your wealth.

▪️ In an illicit case of acquiring wealth, there is no base for the wealth. It is dependent on the position or the conditions around gaining it; and once it’s gone, that’s it!

▪️ Those who embezzle or are fraudulent have no wealth instruments. They hold on to an office to gain money.

▪️ The journey from position of dependence to influence requires doggedness, tenacity and painstaking actions.

▪️ Our Mindset is created in our formative years and it forms our overall outlook in life. It is fundamental in taking the quantum leap.

▪️ “He who is not courageous in taking risks will not accomplish anything” – Muhammad Ali. 

▪️ Job security over adventurism or playing safe can limit your growth.

▪️ Personal and financial discipline is critical to taking the quantum leap.

▪️ Fear of the unknown has hindered many from taking the quantum leap, because the natural tendency of an average man is to play it safe.

▪️ Many people fail in their responsibilities because of the lack of self-control; and that is the problem of our leaders.

▪️ Self-discipline is the major difference between successful people and failures.

▪️ “If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self” – Napoleon Hill. 

▪️ Extravagant lifestyle should be avoided when you are in Stage 1 or 2 of your Life. Therefore, avoid wasteful spending.

▪️ Successful people live a principle-centered life. Many people crash because of the lack of discipline.

▪️ There is time for everything – time to make sacrifice, time to enjoy, and time to live well. Wait for the right time, it will come.

▪️ You cannot cut corners; if you do now, you will crash eventually.

▪️ The principle of character and integrity is to adhere to ethical and moral principles.

▪️ Our leaders lack integrity in the discharge of their duties because they lacked integrity in their younger days.

▪️ Most people who are influential and wealthy are people of Integrity.

▪️ Don’t be carried away by the Hushpuppis of this world.

▪️ Many underachievers don’t have dreams. They limit themselves to their comfort zones

▪️ If you want to make the quantum leap, start dreaming of your final destination.

▪️ If you don’t have dreams, you cannot achieve much.

▪️ The paths to wealth creation are entrepreneurship. You can decide to become an entrepreneur.

▪️ Commission a business plan tailored for you, not a cut and paste. You cannot run a business alone; you need other people.

▪️ You must be mentored; serve as an apprentice under someone who is already in the business before you jump into it; and keep the right company.


Please find the video recording of Mr. Femi Pedro’s keynote lecture here.

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